‘Dead Or Alive 5 Plus’ Review Roundup

'Dead or Alive 5 Plus' review roundup

Dead or Alive 5 Plus reviews are in. See what the critics had to say about the PlayStation Vita fighter.

Dead or Alive is that fighting game franchise your mom probably rolls her eyes at. Okay, maybe the other fighting game franchise, seeing as there is also Mortal Kombat. Dead or Alive got its notoriety for taking the idea of women in a fighting game and pushing the most noticeable asset right in everyone’s face: The female fighters all have large breasts.

The boobies are the reason why Dead or Alive spawned a volleyball game back in the day for Xbox 360, just to show them off. You can bet it would be in Glen Quagmire’s (Family Guy) collection. Giggety.

All of that aside, Dead or Alive 5 Plus for the PlayStation Vita delivers everything we wanted in a portable fighting game. Released March 19, 2013, This is the fighting game to own for the portable Sony console.

Everything was ported beautifully from the bigger consoles, including the game modes. The story mode is a jumbled mess, but it follows the same vain as Mortal Kombat, having all of the characters interact with one another, usually with some weak excuse to fight. Thankfully, the fights in story mode don’t take more than one round, so you can get back to your jumbled but fun mess in short time.

The mode that should probably be avoided is Touch Fight. Touch Fight puts the game in first-person perspective and has you touching the screen in various ways to fight. You can easily “jab” and “swipe” your way to victory without much thought, and it doesn’t offer much replay value. There has never been a fighting game that successfully pulled off a first person perspective.

No, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out was not a first person perspective. It was over-the-head third-person.

'Dead of Alive 5 Plus' for PlayStation Vita

Dead of Alive 5 Plus for PlayStation Vita was designed for a mobile device, and it’s quite clear. The frame-rate doesn’t suffer for the sake of graphics, as Tecmo cut back on the graphics to make the game play better. Yes, even the boobies got sacrificed a little, but you won’t miss them that much. The result is a game that runs as silky as it did on PS3 and 360, and thus the game turns out a clear winner.

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