Marie Osmond Gives An Update On Her Family As She Quarantines With Her Husband In Utah

'The Talk' star is spending time alone with her husband during the coronaviris pandemic.

Steve Craig (L) and entertainer Marie Osmond record video of themselves as they attend the premiere of Universal Pictures' "Jason Bourne" at The Colosseum.
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'The Talk' star is spending time alone with her husband during the coronaviris pandemic.

Marie Osmond gave her fans an update on her family as they deal with the global COVID-19 pandemic. In a new post to Instagram, the singer and co-host of The Talk revealed that she traveled to multiple cities to check on all of her kids and get them settled. Now, she is currently self-isolating with her husband, Steve Craig, in Utah.

One week after sharing a video from a sweet family game night with her grandchildren, the Donny & Marie star posted a photo of herself snuggling in bed with some adorable stuffed animals. The 60-year-old star wore sweatpants and had her hair pulled into a bun as she seemingly got some much-needed extra sleep at home.

In the caption to the post, Marie revealed that she knew things were getting real with the health crisis when The Talk stopped production a few weeks ago. The singer added that once she was given time off from her work schedule, she checked on her kids in California, then went to Arizona to check on her daughter Jessica. After that, Marie went to her home in Las Vegas to get her kids who live in Nevada all set up, before traveling to her Utah home with her husband so they could isolate themselves.

Marie explained that her husband Steve has diabetes and her immune system “isn’t the greatest,” so they thought it best to go to Utah alone.

She admitted that after growing up in a large family and then 36 years of raising her own children, she was “enjoying” being alone with her husband. The “Paper Roses” singer also added that after 57 years of working consistently in the entertainment business, she almost forgot how nice it could be to take a nap. She also wrote that while the health crisis is scary for all, she hopes it gives everyone a chance to reset and to help those in need.

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I’ve had a lot of firsts in my life but like you, this is my first pandemic. And I’m sure, like every other first we have been through, the hardest parts will always be the unknowns. When I first heard we all had to stay home, I thought…. what?? It felt like I was being sent to my room. I guess this all got real to me when @thetalkcbs stopped airing for a few weeks to be safe. Before I left LA to go to Arizona to check on my daughter Jessica, I made sure my kids in California were all safe. Then we went back home to Vegas. My husband and I got the rest of our kids set up there… then went to Utah. Steve has diabetes and my immune system isn’t the greatest so we felt at our tender ages of 29???? we should isolate ourselves.???? After growing up with a large family of brothers and then 36 years of raising my children, I’m enjoying being alone with my husband. ???? It has been a blessing to have that time together especially after being apart for over 25 years! ♥️ And you know what else I am doing? Sleeping…???? I mean really sleeping and it is amazing!!!!???? I know I am very blessed to be able to do this! I guess after 57 years of working consistently I almost forgot how enjoyable it is to take a nap. ???? After all, the house IS soooo quiet! ???? There isn’t somewhere to go, a deadline to meet or something planned I need to tackle …this quarantine has been hard on so many for different reasons, but being a glass half full… instead of a glass half empty kind a person, I believe there are valuable things to learn from this also. It’s in how we spend our time! We have an opportunity to reset, to really get rid of what isn’t healthy or good for us. We also have time to serve others in many ways. Like checking on our neighbors to make sure they have what they need from food to medicine and YES let’s send more and more funny and uplifting memes to each other! Social distancing does not mean closing everyone off because right now we need to keep in touch. ☺️ We are still our brother’s keeper, just from a distance! Check out the rest of my message on Facebook, have a very #HappySunday AND… Join me tomorrow on @thetalkcbs Instagram LIVE to answer questions at 2pm ET/11am PT!????

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In comments to the post, fans and famous friends thanked her for being so positive and inspirational.

“You are such a light and an inspiration to so many of us,” one follower wrote.

“Take care of you and Steve!” another wrote. “Enjoy your time together!”

“Enjoy ur naps Marie u deserve this,” remarked a third fan to the hardworking singer.

While The Talk has shut down production for a couple of weeks, Marie isn’t totally disconnected from work. She and her The Talk co-star Carrie Ann Inaba are set to chat live in The Talk Chat Room on Instagram on Monday at 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT.