Nyle DiMarco Thinks He Has Coronavirus, Decides To Skip Testing To Help Others More At Risk

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Nyle DiMarco shared an Instagram video with his 1.8 million followers, where he admitted he thinks he has contracted the coronavirus. However, Nyle has also opted not to take a test so that healthcare professionals can save it for someone who is more high-risk.

Nyle confessed that he had access to testing but felt that it wouldn’t be right for him to take the space of someone sicker than him. According to the actor, he is currently “on the mend” and believes he will make a full recovery. For that reason, he doesn’t feel that it is necessary to get tested. He urged any of his followers in a similar situation also forego testing if possible.

He also discussed the symptoms he felt across 48 hours, citing “fever, body chills, a sore throat and a mild cough,” all of which are documented symptoms in many coronavirus patients. Nyle said he kept a close eye on his respiratory system since the virus is known for attacking the lungs. He wanted to ensure he would remain safe. The dancer assured his followers that he had consulted with a doctor before deciding to self-quarantine.

Even though he has begun feeling much better, the Dancing with the Stars champion promised that he would remain in self-isolation for the foreseeable future and advised his followers to do the same, regardless of whether or not they are sick.

Currently, in the United States, there is a limited amount of the coronavirus tests available, which has made it challenging to learn how many people are legitimately infected.

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I do not typically do this but I wanted to share something… I’ve been really sick and I am now on the mend. It is very possible I contracted coronavirus and I have access to get tested but I do not want to. The reason is because there is a shortage of covid-19 test kits in the U.S. and the sick patients need it more than I do. For 48 hours starting Sunday night, I had a fever, body chills, a sore throat and a mild cough. All these are symptomatic of COVID-19. Some with COVID-19 have reported not being able to taste or smell. That was my experience too. I knew I wasn’t a high risk so I stayed calm. I communicated with my doctor and self-quarantined. I kept an eye out for any respiratory issues because if it worsened, it could be deadly. But I recovered…. And I still am self-isolating. I’d like to stress that testing is important. Widespread testing has been a key part for some countries like South Korea’s efforts in handling Covid-19. In a perfect world, I’d take the test. Unfortunately the U.S. lacks enough test kits. If you are healthy and have no respiratory issues, I encourage you to be mindful of sick patients that need to get tested more than you do. And stay at home to avoid spreading and help flattening the curve. We’re in this together. Let look out for each other!!

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Nyle has received a lot of support for his video from his fans and fellow celebrities. Dozens of people commended him for his bravery, and several promised they would strive to follow his advice should they end up in a similar situation.

“[T]hank you for doing your part, nyle! i’m a nurse who’s started picking up shifts in the emergency department, and i can say this is a really important message for people to see! thank you,” wrote one person.

“No way! Maintain sanitizing around you and keep at what you do! Feel better and speedy recovery!” said another user.

If Nyle does indeed have the virus, he joins several other celebrities and politicians who have contracted COVID-19. Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson were the first two significant celebrities to come forward, and they were followed by Idris Elba, Daniel Dae Kim, Charlotte Lawrence, and many others.