'Criminal Minds' Cast Addition: Jennifer Love Hewitt Onboard

Criminal Minds has been must-watch TV for a decade now, and the CBS drama shows no signs of slowing down entering its tenth season. And it still sports good ratings despite a plethora of new shows premiering year in and year out on competing networks.

One could even argue that nothing should interfere with that winning formula. But in order to keep Criminal Minds relevant for years to come, something new had to be added to the mix. That something is actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Love Hewitt's new gig has her returning to CBS, a place where she called home for five years while starring in the cult favorite The Ghost Whisperer. Since that show ended in 2010, Jennifer has kept herself busy. She appeared in Lifetime's sultry drama The Client List.

In that series, Love Hewitt played Riley Parks, a massage therapist who goes the extra mile to please her clients. The Client List lasted for two seasons before it was cancelled in 2013. It was based on a successful TV movie of the same name, in which Hewitt also starred.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Hewitt will play Kate Callahan in the CBS procedural. Callahan is a "seasoned undercover agent whose stellar work at the FBI has landed her a coveted position with the Behavioral Analysis Unit."

Criminal Minds showrunner Erica Messer released a statement welcoming Jennifer to the show. Messer said she was "thrilled" by the hiring and mentioned that Love Hewitt's affable personality will allow her to fit right in with the show's veteran actors.

"We're thrilled to introduce a new special agent by adding the very talented Jennifer Love Hewitt to our amazing cast," Messer said. "Many of us on the show have enjoyed working with her over the years and look forward to again. We have exciting storylines planned for her character and the entire BAU team as we head into our 10th season."

If you're not aware, Jennifer Love Hewitt is known as a sex symbol in the media. She famously had her naturally large bust reduced by way of Photoshop for an Entertainment Weekly magazine cover. It's yet to be seen how Love Hewitt's sex appeal will be utilized in Criminal Minds.

The show has been fairly conservative by Hollywood standards. It definitely doesn't compare to CSI: Miami, a show in which bombshell female crime scene investigators solve crimes in high heels and pushup bras, all the while accompanied by their more covered up male counterparts.

It's also yet to be seen how Jennifer Love Hewitt will fit in with the rest of the cast, but her acting ability cannot be questioned.

Catch the first episode on CBS Friday, September 26 at 10/9 central.

[Photo courtesy of Famous Face]