Wendy Williams Is Planning To Make YouTube Videos While Her Talk Show Is On Hiatus

Lars NikiGetty Images

Wendy Williams is one of many celebrities whose television shows have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The Wendy Williams Show is on production hiatus until further notice. However, Williams is adamant about not fading away from the spotlight. Hollywood Life reports that the daytime talk show host will start making YouTube videos while her show remains on hold.

Previously, The Inquisitr reported that Williams told Dr. Mehmet Oz while a guest on the Dr. Oz Show that she wanted to continue taping her show, despite the viral outbreak. She said she was willing to do whatever it takes to keep the show going, even if she had to risk it with “one camera and a flashlight.” She had been open to taping without an audience, but it ended up not happening, and production moved forward with shutting down.

Knowing how determined Williams is to continue working, it isn’t surprising that she has chosen to move forward with making YouTube videos. The host made the announcement earlier today on Instagram with a post updating her fans on how she’s handling quarantine.

At the end of her caption, she wrote, “Btw I’m gonna start YouTube tmrw evening.”

Williams has been entertaining her fans with a number of social media updates since her self-quarantine started. She is taking social distancing seriously, but it appears she is growing restless being cooped up at home.

“Wendy is so used to being surrounded by hundreds of people every day, doing her show, and sticking to a tight schedule for so many years that it’s been a bit of an adjustment being quarantined right now but she’s handling it as well as the rest of us,” said a Hollywood Life source.

An insider told the outlet that Williams had been “weighing her options,” amid the pandemic. No one knows how long the quarantine is going to last, so the daytime diva is trying to find the best way to stay in touch with her audience. It seems like YouTube may be the best decision for her.

Her fans responded well to the possibility in the comments section of her Instagram post. Her post racked up over 18,700 likes and more than 600 comments from people eager to see what Williams would come up with when using this new medium.

“Yay Wendy! It’ll be nice to see you again… And have another distraction,” wrote one fan, adding several pink hearts to their comment.