WWE News: Former Announcer Shares Photo With Chris Benoit Following ‘Emotional’ Documentary

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The legacy of Chris Benoit is steeped in tragedy and horror. The former WWE superstar murdered his wife and child, and then took his own life in 2007. The act shocked and surprised his friends and peers because he was highly thought of. The story has been chronicled in Vice‘s latest Dark Side of the Ring documentary, and the response to the film has been emotional.

Justin Roberts was one of the first people to take to social media and share his thoughts on the documentary. The former WWE ring announcer — who now works for All Elite Wrestling — took to Instagram and shared a picture of himself and Chris Benoit, accompanied by a caption detailing how the film affected him.

“This brought back so many memories from that period in time, which were hard to wrap my mind around-then and again, now. Hearing the stories from some of my brothers and sisters who were so close to him, you could feel their pain and it helped tell the story, but also hurt to watch. An IG hug goes out to David, Sandra, Chris J, Vickie, Chavo, Dean, Julie etc. It’s such a complex subject that has always been hard to talk about.”

The AEW announcer went on to praise the documentary, calling it “excellent” and praising the film for being informative, even though no one will ever know the full story of what went on when Benoit carried out the atrocities.

The picture shows a youthful Roberts standing next to the WWE veteran, who is smiling and has his arm wrapped around the ring announcer’s shoulder. Benoit’s missing tooth — which spawned his “Toothless Aggression” moniker in the early 2000s — is also highly visible in the picture.

Roberts’ followers, meanwhile, were divided over the photo, and many of them shared their thoughts on Benoit as a person and as a performer.

One user claimed that he deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame due to his contributions to wrestling, while several claimed that he didn’t carry out the crimes. Those who believe Benoit was guilty were far more critical of the post.

Dark Side of the Ring will undoubtedly be met with some controversy and mixed emotions due to its subject matter, but the film is perhaps the most detailed and nuanced account of Benoit to date. Part one is currently available to watch on Vice‘s YouTube channel, and the next installment will be released on March 24.