Angela Simmons Wears Mismatched Thigh-High Boots And Tiny Camouflage Shorts

Angela revealed that she had just received her shiny vinyl footwear in the mail.

Angela Simmons attends the Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Angela revealed that she had just received her shiny vinyl footwear in the mail.

Angela Simmons showed off an unusual outfit after receiving a package in the mail. On Sunday, the stylish Growing Up Hip Hop star took to Instagram to celebrate the arrival of two different pairs of eye-catching boots. Instead of trying the pairs on separately, she opted to rock one of each.

Both pairs of Angela’s boots came in the same oversized style, but were different colors. One pair was sparkly and pink, and the other was iridescent and black. The thigh-high boots were constructed out of shiny vinyl material.

Their tops rose to the middle of her shapely thighs. The fabric of the boots was baggy and slightly scrunched, save for the ankle and foot. The fit got tighter below the calves, which created a tapered look that helped keep Angela’s legs looking long and lean. The flashy footwear also featured sleek pointed toes and stiletto heels.

Angela used a Boomerang video to show off her new wardrobe items, one which helped to capture the way the boots’ vinyl reflected light when she moved. The fashion-savvy entrepreneur was wearing her mismatched footwear with a pair of tiny green camouflage shorts. Her bottoms were so tight that they almost looked painted on.

Angela’s top was more conservative. It was a basic black T-shirt that she was wearing slightly pulled up to leave her shorts completely exposed. She was also flashing a hint of her midriff.

Angela was wearing her dark waist-length curls down, and she had all of her hair pushed over to the right side so that it fell over her right eye. She was using her left hand to keep her voluminous tresses from completely covering up her face.

The popular social media influencer was wearing very little makeup. She was puckering her pout and provocatively moving her hips as she used her phone to record a mirror selfie video.

In the caption of her post, Angela revealed that her boots were from Kandee Shoes, and she wrote that she was excited to build outfits around the statement pieces.

As of this writing, Angela’s Instagram post has racked up over 53,000 likes. Her fans also took to the comments section to give her footwear rave reviews.

“Very dope,” read one response to her video.

“You should wear them as a pair like that with a bomb outfit,” another fan suggested.

There were also plenty of jokes about Angela having nowhere to wear her new shoes except at home, thanks to coronavirus concerns.

“Rock em to Club Quarantine tonight!” one commenter quipped.

A few of Angela’s followers were just as interested in the can of Lysol disinfectant spray on the table behind her as they were in her boots.

“Shoes are soo cute… but where you get that Lysol from? Serious question Ang…. can’t find me another bottle to save my life,” wrote one fan.

Angela was rocking a different pair of thigh-high boots in a stylish snapshot that she shared on Instagram last month. The black boots in that snap were tight, and they featured a lace-up design.