Maine Zumba Prostitution Scandal Instructor Pleads Guilty

The Maine Zumba prostitution scandal that rocked a sleepy Maine town and prompted Americans everywhere to ask, “wait, what the heck is Zumba?” has resulted in a plea bargain for 30-year-old Alexis Wright.

The Maine Zumba prostitution scandal made national headlines when the allegations of a wide-ranging sex for sale operation implicated many men in the seaside town last fall. Names and addresses of the suspected Johns were released, creating more intrigue and drama in the Zumba sex scandal.

Earlier this month, Wright’s alleged accomplice Mark Strong pled guilty and was sentenced after copping a plea in the Maine Zumba prostitution case. At the time of sentencing, Strong said in court:

“I do apologize for each of my selfish actions and the harm that I have caused many. Most importantly I want to apologize to my wife, my two sons and my entire family because I’ve caused so much hurt in so many ways, emotionally, physically and financially.”

Today’s plea bargain for Wright in the Maine Zumba prostitution scandal may come as a relief to many, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports:

“The plea agreement spares Alexis Wright from the prospect of a high-profile trial featuring sex videos, exhibitionism and pornography, and more than a thousand texts and emails detailing the operation. Prosecutors will recommend a prison sentence of 10 months.”

Alexis Wright has not yet been sentenced in the Maine Zumba sex scandal, but Strong received 20 days in prison earlier this month. Wright faced more than 100 counts in relation to her role in the case.