Krissy Cela Showcases Full-Body Workout In Strappy Green Sports Bra And Camo-Print Leggings

Krissy Cela snaps a selfie
Krissy Cela / Instagram

British fitness model Krissy Cela showcased a full-body at-home workout for her 1.9 million Instagram followers on Sunday. For the workout, the brunette beauty rocked an army-green sports bra with an eye-catching strappy detail on the chest. She paired that with some matching camo-print leggings.

With her short brown hair slicked back into a low bun, Krissy started her workout with a series of reverse lunge knee-ups. She started this exercise standing upright and then took a large step backward, bending both legs into the lunge after she placed her active foot on the ground. Next, she raised that back foot until her knee lined up with her abdomen. Krissy did all of this while pressing a lone dumbell above her head with her arms. Her caption recommended doing 12 reps of the exercise on each leg.

Squat presses came next and for this exercise, Krissy brought out a second dumbbell. As she bent her knees and lowered her body for the squat, Krissy held the weights in a horizontal position in front of her face. But when she stood back up, she pressed them up above her shoulders. Her caption recommended 15 reps of the exercise.

Then she did front lunges into side dumbbell raises and recommended a two-minute rest between this exercise and the next one in the circuit, squat punch out. These were simply punches done while Krissy held a squatting position with her knees bent and her hips jutted backward. She tackled a set of burpees next and made the challenging compound move look effortless. She recommended doing 12 reps of these in her caption.

And then she ended her full-body circuit with a series of jumping “squats” which mixed front and reverse lunges. The move required her to switch between them quickly with a jump, adding an extra layer of heart-pumping difficulty to the exercise.

Krissy’s most recent post inspired lots of expressions of gratitude from her fans in the comments section. Several Instagram users seemed to appreciate the fact that she had uploaded a workout that could be done at home.

“Thank you for always posting at-home workouts. Your workouts are my favorite,” one person wrote.

“Love this workout!!!! Awesome sweat sesh” another added before adding an applause emoji and black heart emoji to their comment.

Other commenters called Krissy their workout inspiration

“YOU ARE MY BODY GOALS doing this workout rn!” a third commenter gushed.

“My strong girly, here to help and motivate us no matter what” a fourth supporter remarked.