‘Copper’ Season 2 Gets Release Date, New Cast Members

Copper season 2 has been given a premiere of June 23, according to a Friday press release from BBC America.

Four film and television veterans have also joined the cast, including Donal Logue (Sons of Anarchy, Max Payne), Eamonn Walker (Chicago Fire, Oz), Lee Tergesen (The Big C, Oz), and Andrew Howard (Hatfield & McCoys, The Hangover).

Character information for the new casting additions was kept under wraps, save for Logue’s Brendan Donovan.

In February, TV By The Numbers reported that Donovan would be a general, “who has recently returned from the battlefields of the Civil War to his station in Five Points.”

He was further described as a “political boss of the Sixth Ward” interested in reasserting himself into the volatile political scene.

Set during the Civil War era, Copper tells the story of Kevin Corcoran, an Irish-American detective in New York City fighting against the ruthless powers of the Five Points.

If you’ve yet to check out the series but are familiar with the Martin Scorsese film Gangs of New York, then you know the setting.

Coincidentally, Scorsese is developing a Gangs of New York television series, but early word has it that Scorsese’s effort could expand outward from the world established in his 2002 film to include Chicago and New Orleans.

Scorsese is reportedly hoping to show the birth of organized crime in America through his project while Copper season 2 plans to stay focused on the New York area and, specifically, Detective Corcoran, played by Tom Weston-Jones.

Thus far, the formula has worked beautifully with Copper and Doctor Whoposting record numbers for the network in September 2012.

Copper, the first scripted drama for BBC America, has been a network workhorse from the start. Its premiere episode pulled in 1.8 million viewers, and in October 2012, shortly after the season finale, it was approved for a second run.

Are you excited for Copper season 2, and which of the new casting additions are you most anticipating?