Anna Nystrom Powers Through Leg And Booty Focused Workout In White Crop Top And Black Leggings

Anna Nystrom poses for a selfie
Anna Nystrom / Instagram

Swedish model Anna Nystrom gave her fans a hefty dose of fitspiration on Sunday when she uploaded a video of herself training her legs and booty. For the exercise demonstration, the 27-year-old beauty rocked a pair of black leggings and a white longsleeved crop top. She paired the workout attire with white sneakers and placed her long blond hair into a high ponytail.

Anna started her circuit with a series of squats. She added extra resistance to the move by strapping an exercise band around her knees. In her caption, she recommended doing four sets of 20 reps.

Next, she moved on to doing hip thrusts. For this exercise, she lay on the ground face-up with her knees raised and placed a dumbbell on her pelvis. She then raised her hips upward and lowered them. Her caption also suggested doing 20 reps for four rounds for this exercise.

Bulgarian split squats came next and Anna recommended doing 10 of these per leg for four sets. The exercise required her to rest one foot on a chair while bending her front knee.

She tackled a set of stiff leg deadlifts after that. She used two dumbbells for this one and started the exercise by picking them up off the floor with a flat back and straight legs. After she stood up, she lowered them and pressed her hips back as she did so.

Pistol squats were the next exercise in the circuit which meant that Anna had to swing one leg forward as she bent the other, lowering her body until her butt hovered a couple of inches off of the ground.

And finally, Anna ended the workout with a set of leg curls. She lay on her stomach for this one and held one dumbbell between her feet. She then lifted the weight by bending her knees and raising her calves and feet toward her glutes.

The video amassed close to 40,000 views within the first half-hour after it was posted and more than 150 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, fans seemed entranced by her physical attractiveness.

“You are so hot, love your workout!” one person wrote after including a heart eye emoji to their comment.

“Gorgeous lady,” a second fan wrote.

Other fans complimented the workout with one commenter vouching for its difficulty.

“I just crushed this and now I can’t walk,” they wrote. “Thanks bae”

“Such a great workout!” a fourth commenter wrote before adding a heart, heart-eye and bulging bicep emoji to the comment.

The video also inspired declarations of love as some commenters seemed to imagine themselves in a relationship with Anna.