Victoria Grimes Shows Off Toned Physique In Blue Sports Bra And Leggings For Chest Workout Video
Victoria Grimes / Instagram

Canadian fitness influencer Victoria Grimes showed fans how they can train their chest muscles at home in the most recent video on her Instagram page. Dressed in a blue sports bra and a matching pair of leggings, Victoria started her workout with a set of cable flys using a long resistance band. She attached the band to a door and pulled each end of it down while leaning forward.

Then she moved on to doing standing cable crossovers. Although majority of her lower body was out of the frame, she seemed to have placed the band under her feet as she alternated raising its handles in a diagonal motion. Her caption recommended doing eight to 10 repetitions per arm for four sets.

Victoria ditched the exercise band in the next clip to perform a set of chest presses with a pair of dumbbells. She lay on the floor face up for the exercise and kept her knees raised as she pushed the weight upward with her elbows turned out. Her caption recommended four sets of 20 reps each.

Victoria tackled a set of low-pulley cable flys next. She attached the exercise band to the base of a door and kneeled in front of it. She then raised the handles of the band upward. She suggested four sets of 15 reps for this one.

She started doing kneeling dumbbell incline presses next. While holding one dumbbell in front of her chest with both hands, Victoria pressed the weight upward and pulled downward to complete one rep. For this exercise, Victoria’s caption recommended four sets of 15 reps each.

After that, Victoria ended her circuit with a set of standard pushups. She also added two bonus videos, one of her cute puppies and the other demonstrating how she got the exercise band on the door.

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CHEST + A LIL DELTS???? ➖SAVE????, LIKE❤️ & give it a gooooo???????? Swipe to the last clip to see how I am attaching the bands to the door. Peep the second last slide to make you smile???? *I did this workout + the abs circuit* – *SWIPE TO LAST SLIDE FOR DOOR ATTACHMENT* THE WORKOUT: 1️⃣Cable Fly/Press 4 x 15 reps 2️⃣Standing Cable Crossover 4 x 8-10 reps/arm 3️⃣DB Floor Chest Press 4 x 20 reps 4️⃣Low-Pulley Cable Fly/Press 4 x 15 reps 5️⃣Kneeling DB Incline Press 4 x 15 reps 6️⃣Push-ups 4 x failure (my form isn’t the great here – need to keep my core engaged – to prevent it from dropping). 7️⃣My pups (Atlas + Otis)???????? 8️⃣Door attachment – ❗️Suggestions to make this workout more challenging: – Use heavier weights (if you have them) – Double up the bands (if you can grip two of the handles at once – I find if a little hard as I have small hands). – Focus on tempo: example 3 seconds up, 3 seconds down. – Really focus on squeezing & contracting the specific muscle you are trying to target – hence my focus & funny workout face????. – Can superset the exercises/ take less rest – preference. ➖ ????Outfit: @doyoueven ???? Kings & Queens – Ava Max – #chest #chestworkout #shoulders #athomeworkout #homeworkout #workout #fitness #fit #shoulders

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In the comments sections, fans thanked Victoria for the workout demonstration, revealing that they were using her videos to cope with their coronavirus-induced quarantine.

“Thank you for keeping me motivated during self-isolation!” one person wrote.

“A Big thank you for all your inspiration on home-training,” another commenter added. “It makes the corona lockdown here in Denmark a bit more easy.”

Victoria’s dogs also got their share of attention.

“Cute puppers!!” a third commenter wrote. “I’ve been following you for a while and have saved many of your workouts. Just want to say thank you for sharing and you look amazing.”

“Your doggos are so cute! Thanks for the workout vid. Been looking for an at-home chest workout!” a fourth supporter remarked.