Rosanna Arkle Nearly Falls Out Of Sexy Swimsuit In Beachside Selfies

Rosanna Arkle poses for a seflie.
Rosanna Arkle / Instagram

Instagram model Rosanna Arkle is spending her days of isolation in New Zealand. The beauty’s latest update featured her on a beach enjoying the sunshine in a skimpy bathing suit.

The model’s one-piece swimsuit was an olive green color. It featured a zipper on the front that went below her breasts. She wore the zipper all the way unzipped, showing off a good deal of her ample cleavage. In fact, it looked like she might fall out of the bathing suit if she moved the wrong way. The suit also had high-cut legs, showing off her curvy hips.

Rosanna’s update was comprised of two selfies that captured her sitting on the beach. Surrounded by sand with no water in sight, she sat alone with the sun behind her.

In the first picture, Rosanna held the phone a few feet from her face with her head blocking the sun in the sky behind her. She gave the camera a sultry look while holding her other hand on her forehead. Part of a vehicle could be seen off to the side. While the photo cut off most of her legs, she appeared to be sitting on her feet. The snap showed off her slender waist and part of her thigh, as well as her voluptuous chest.

Rosanna held the camera at a higher angle in the second snap, giving her fans another good look at her cleavage. The snap also showed more of her legs and hips as she posed while looking up at the camera.

The stunner’s makeup looked perfect. It included sculpted brows, smoky eyeshadow, and thick lashes. Her cheeks were contoured and she wore a rose shade on her lips.

In the post’s caption, Rosanna wrote that she would be staying in New Zealand for the time being, adding that it wasn’t a bad place to be during an outbreak.

Many of her fans agreed that she was in a nice place during such a tough time.

“No better place to go into lockdown I reckon,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Yesss!! Nothing beats Northland,” a second admirer said.

Others complimented Rosanna on looking so good during a health crisis.

“Beautiful. Would love to be quarantined there too,” a third follower joked.

“I def don’t mind seeing you there,” quipped a fourth fan.

Rosanna seems to spend a good deal of time on the beach. Not too long ago, she wowed her fans in a bikini while soaking up the sun.