Kaley Cuoco Shares Breathtaking Black-And-White Shot Featuring Her Horse

Actress Kaley Cuoco, who many know from her seasons on The Big Bang Theory, recently stunned her 5.9 million Instagram followers with her latest update. The blond beauty posted a breathtaking black-and-white shot captured by photographer Claudia Craig, who she made sure to tag in the picture itself as well as in the caption of the post.

The simple shot highlighted a sweet moment between Kaley and one of her horses, Charon. In the picture, only part of the dark horse was visible. The stunning creature sported a bridle with his or her name emblazoned on a small metal plate. The background of the shot was somewhat nondescript, so the focus remained on Kaley and the horse.

Only a part of Charon’s head was visible, and Kaley was positioned under the horse’s chin. The star tilted her head up to plant a kiss on the underside of the horse’s chin, her blond locks tumbling down her back. The actress didn’t appear to be wearing any makeup at all as she enjoyed a quiet moment with her horse. She also wasn’t all dolled up for the occasion, wearing just a simple long-sleeved shirt with a loose fit.


In the caption of the post, Kaley mentioned the practice of social distancing, and confessed to her followers that she was grateful to have so many four-legged friends to spend time with during this difficult period. Based on the nature of the shot, Kaley seems to have a close connection to Charon, as she does to many of the other horses, dogs, and other animals that regularly appear on her Instagram page.

Kaley’s fans absolutely loved the sweet post, and it racked up over 1,337 comments within just 10 hours. The post also received 206,800 likes within the same time span.

“Wow!!! That is a phenomenal picture,” one follower commented.

“How lucky are we to have these animals to spend time with at this time,” another fan wrote.

“Okay frame this and hang it up with the rest of them in your house!!” a third person added, apparently loving the shot.

“Totally love this picture,” a fourth admirer quipped, followed by a string of heart emoji.

Kaley is outspoken about her love for animals, and in addition to supporting animal rescue charities, she frequently shares news of her four-legged friends with her Instagram audience. Recently, as The Inquisitr reported, the stunner took to her Instagram stories to give her fans a tour of the rescue rabbit sanctuary she created in her garage, which she dubbed “The Hippity Hop House.”