Yaslen Clemente Shows Off Hourglass Figure In White Sports Bra And Biker Shorts For New At-Home Workout Video

Yaslen Clemente snaps a selfie
Yaslen Clemente / Instagram

Yaslen Clemente flaunted her hourglass figure in the new at-home workout video on her Instagram page.

Dressed in a white sports bra featuring a subtle pattern, white shorts and a waist trainer, the Miami-based model started her circuit with a series of deadlifts. For this exercise, she bent forward while holding a weight in front of her and maintaining a wide-legged stance.

Next, she moved on to sumo squats, keeping her legs spread wide and bending her knees until her glutes seemed close to hitting the floor.

Bulgarian split squats came next which meant that Yaslen had to rest one foot behind her on her couch before bending her front knee until her thigh was parallel to the floor. She held two weights at her sides for this exercise.

She followed that move with glute bridges. Yaslen lay face-up on the floor for this and held one of her weights on her pelvis. She then thrust her hips upward. When she lowered them, she made sure to not let her rear end hit the floor before she lifted her hips once more.

Glute kickbacks followed, requiring Yaslen to lean forward and brace herself against the back of a couch. With two ankle weights strapped to one ankle, she she lifted the leg behind her and then lowered it.

Yaslen injected some fun into the workout series with the last video clip. In it, she busted out some salsa moves, shimmying her hips and twirling around to the beat of the music heard in the background.

Her new post has been liked over 30,000 times as of this writing, and over 500 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, some fans shared their appreciation for the at-home workout demonstration.

“Those are amazing home exercises! You are amazing,” one person wrote.

“Awesome home routine wow you’re so fantastic and killing it as always,” another fan wrote before including a heart-eye emoji to their comment. “You keep inspiring us, gorgeous! Stay safe! You’re so wonderful for words.”

Others commented on Yaslen’s salsa dancing in the final clip of the series.

“The dancing at the end, oh you def latina latina,” a third commenter remarked.

And then there were those Instagram users who couldn’t help but notice the large pillow in the background that had been emblazoned with a photo of Yaslen in a thong bikini.

“All I see is you on a pillow and I love it,” a fourth admirer wrote.

In the comments section, Yaslen also revealed that it was her goal to have a bigger booty by the time the quarantine was over.