Fitness Model Demi Bagby Rocks A White Sports Bra And Tiny Shorts For Her Slippery ‘Quarantine Cardio’

Demi ended up falling down at the end of her soapy cardio session.

Demi Bagby takes a mirror selfie.
Demi Bagby / Instagram

Demi ended up falling down at the end of her soapy cardio session.

Fitness model Demi Bagby did her best to put smiles on her fans’ faces by filming her soapy “quarantine cardio” routine.

Like a lot of her fellow content creators, the 19-year-old social media sensation has been cooped up at home. Many of Demi’s videos are shot outdoors in locations like crowded beaches, but she has to self-isolate and avoid other people if she wants to keep doing her part to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Luckily for her 2.1 million Instagram followers, the fitness enthusiast hasn’t let the COVID-19 pandemic stop her from finding fun ways to entertain them.

For her latest Instagram video, Demi rocked an athletic ensemble that included a white sports bra and a pair of matching skintight shorts. The outfit showed off the petite powerhouse’s muscular arms, strong legs, and washboard abs. Demi’s only accessory was the white scrunchie in her hair. She was wearing her curly light brown tresses pulled up in a high folded-over ponytail.

Demi’s video was filmed in her kitchen. She was shown holding a large green bottle of liquid soap over her head, and she had a look of pure glee on her face as she emptied out some of its contents onto the tiled floor. She then added a small amount of water to the green puddle.

Demi cautiously tested out the slipperiness of the mixture by placing both hands on her kitchen counter and walking in place in the soapy puddle. She then moved one hand to the kitchen island, and she began sprinting on her makeshift treadmill. She also did the splits twice, keeping her hands on the counters to brace herself. When she removed her hands, she began sliding forward uncontrollably. She waved her arms around and over her head as she tried to steady herself, but she ended up falling on her backside. Luckily, Demi appeared to be unhurt, and she had a good laugh at her own expense.

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As of this writing, Demi’s somewhat dangerous cardio workout video has racked up over 183,000 likes. Her followers have also responded to her Instagram post with over 5,000 comments.

“Here’s the difference between my sister and I during a quarantine… I’m in the back playing video games, and she’s running on soap,” wrote Demi’s brother, Devon, in response to her video.

“At least someone is making a positive out a negative situation! Stay safe,” one of Demi’s other followers remarked.

In response to some of the comments criticizing her for dumping out soap on the floor when it has become so scarce in many stores, Demi joked that the substance didn’t go to waste.

“Win all around!!! Workout and shower at once,” she wrote.