Kristin Cavallari Gets Blasted For Putting Food On The Floor To Play A Family Quarantine Game

Kristin's creative activity involved wearing a scuba fin on one foot.

Kristin Cavallari attends the Uncommon James SS20 Launch Party
Tibrina Hobson / Getty Images

Kristin's creative activity involved wearing a scuba fin on one foot.

Kristin Cavallari upset some of her Instagram followers with her latest upload, and she wasn’t wearing a swimsuit this time around. Instead, she was seemingly wasting food during a time when many people are struggling to find things to eat on their grocery store shelves.

On Friday, the 33-year-old Very Cavallari star took to Instagram to share a video of an unusual activity that she devised to keep her family entertained. Like many other people across the globe, Kristin and her family members have been staying at home to avoid catching and potentially spreading the highly contagious and deadly coronavirus.

In the caption of her post, Kristin joked that her video depicted the results of being “quarantined for a week.” Even though she was at home, she was dressed stylishly in a thin white skirt with an asymmetrical hem and a drawstring detail on the front. She paired the garment with a tight black crop top that had a square neckline.

Kristin was also wearing a scuba fin on one foot. Three tortillas had been placed on the floor in front of her, and she was holding a glass pie pan up over her head.

“All right, 60 seconds on the—” a smiling Kristin said.

She started laughing before she could finish her sentence. She was also a bit distracted because she was focusing on the task at hand. Kristin slid the scuba fin underneath one of the tortillas and flipped it up high in the air. She managed to catch it in the pie pan, which seemed to be the object of the game.

This earned a cheer from a few of the other people who were present, including her husband, former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler. The couple’s 5-year-old son, Jaxon, could be seen celebrating in the background, while 7-year-old Camden stood beside his mom. He had been intently watching her.

Many of Kristin’s followers were unhappy with her for choosing a form of entertainment that involved throwing food on the floor.

“Wasting food at a time like this.. real cute!” read one response to her video.

“Wasting tortillas, when people can’t find them,” another commenter wrote.

“Looks fun, but maybe use something else other than food? Doesn’t seem right when supermarkets are empty and people are sitting in lines just to get some food,” a third critic remarked.

However, not all of the responses to Kristin’s video were critical. Many of her fans applauded her tortilla-catching skills, and one of her fellow reality show stars praised her for accomplishing a different feat.

“Wait where do u find the energy to get dressed tho?” wrote Jersey Shore star Snooki. “I’ve been in the same pajamas for 2 weeks.”

Kristin was previously criticized for sharing a photo that was snapped on an unidentified beach. She was wearing a bathing suit, and she referenced the act of self-isolating in her caption. Many celebrities have been trying to get their fans to avoid close contact with other people to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but some of Kristin’s followers let her know that they found her post insensitive and out-of-touch. It was the second time that she faced backlash for sharing a swimsuit snapshot on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic.