Jamal Murray Had What Appeared To Be A Sex Tape Show Up In His Instagram Stories

Jamal Murray's Instagram page got very NSFW early on Sunday, with what appeared to be a sex tape showing up in the Denver Nuggets guard's Instagram stories.

The short clip was posted sometime in the early morning hours on Sunday, showing what was believed to be Murray and a woman in an explicit scene. The video clip was deleted from the stories but quickly made waves across social media, with many fans taking to Twitter to express their shock at having seen it.

While many people believed that Murray accidentally posted the clip himself, the posts that followed after it was deleted from his Instagram stories led some to speculate that his social media page had been hacked. After the clip was scrubbed from his social media, the explicit video was replaced by a series of odd images, including an inflatable dancing man in front of a tax preparation office and a computer screenshot of a log-in screen. Others speculated that it could be Murray trying to cover up the accidental posting of the explicit clip with the series of strange snaps.

Murray's entire Instagram page was taken down within an hour.

The clip of Murray came after the NBA star had shared with fans some of the ways he has been occupying his time while in self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic. The NBA was one of the first organizations to react, postponing its season, and Murray has been working on other interests while away from the game.

"Well, Jamal Murray has decided to spend his time practicing some of his other talents," noted the SB Nation site Denver Stiffs. "The NBA sent out a clip of the point guard playing some well-known tunes on the piano, including the Harry Potter theme song."

After the explicit clip showed up in his Instagram stories, many fans noted on Twitter that he has found other ways to bide his time while being holed up.

This would not be the first time a prominent male figure was targeted with a sex tape leak. In a matter of a few hours back in December, both YouTube star Logan Paul and rapper DaBaby were reportedly the targets of very NSFW video and image leaks.

If Jamal Murray's apparent sex tape was posted by a hacker, the person could be facing some significant consequences. Law enforcement officials have taken unwanted leaks of explicit videos and pictures very seriously, with many states enacting so-called "revenge porn" laws in part as a response to some prominent leaks targeting celebrities.

That also brings some harsh punishments for those caught leaking explicit material without the permission of the person shown. A Pennsylvania man who was found guilty of a massive leak of explicit images targeting scores of celebrities -- including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton -- ended up spending 18 months in prison for it.

Jamal Murray has not yet addressed the alleged sex tape leak.