Former Democratic Senator Accuses Donald Trump Of Engaging In Coronavirus Cover-Up

'I’ve never seen anything like it,' says former Sen. Barbara Boxer.

President Donald Trump attends a teleconference with governors at the Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters.
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'I’ve never seen anything like it,' says former Sen. Barbara Boxer.

With the coronavirus pandemic raging across the world, governments are scrambling to come up with effective solutions to prevent the virus from spreading, while at the same time ensuring that there are appropriate mechanisms in place to soften the blow of the looming economic crisis.

According to critics of the Trump administration, the United States is lagging behind other major countries. Per The Washington Examiner, in an interview with CNN broadcast on Saturday, former Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer took the criticism one step further, accusing President Donald Trump of engaging in a cover-up to minimize the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the stock market.

Speaking with CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield, Boxer — who served as a California senator from 1993 to 2017, when she was replaced by Sen. Kamala Harris — said that the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic will “go down as a huge scandal.”

According to Boxer, Trump’s response to the crisis is scandalous because he initially downplayed the pandemic in order to save the market from crashing, which he ultimately failed to do.

“I think Trump was more interested in kind of covering the whole thing up so the market wouldn’t crash, and now, we have a market that crashes on a daily basis some days, and we hope it’s going to get better, and we have the spread of this virus,” the former senator said.

According to Boxer, it is also scandalous that the administration appears to be failing when it comes to handling the epidemic and testing Americans.

“Something is wrong there with the federal government. I’ve never seen anything like it. We were late to the game,” she said.

The former senator stressed that the lack of testing could turn out to be a serious issue, because “if you don’t have the tests, it’s like walking around with a blindfold, and that’s the problem.”

Former Sen. Barbara Boxer questions witnesses during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing.
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Trump was reportedly warned early on about the pandemic. According to a Friday report in The Washington Post, intelligence agencies were “issuing ominous, classified warnings” in the months of January and February, but the president largely ignored them, choosing to downplay the threat.

During a press conference on Saturday, Trump was asked about the Post report. He described it as “very inaccurate,” proceeding to slam the paper, accusing it of misinforming the public. He then pivoted to blaming China, suggesting that the country could have done more to warn the United States about how the virus was spreading.

The president also said that his decision to restrict travel to China has slowed down the spread of coronavirus.