Chris Hayes Says America Is Facing ‘Three Crises,’ Including One Caused By Donald Trump ‘Failing At His Job’

President Donald Trump leads a meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House.
Drew Angerer / Getty Images

During the opening monologue of his MSNBC show on Friday, anchor Chris Hayes argued that the United States is facing “three crises,” reports Mediaite. According to Hayes, because of the coronavirus pandemic, America has to deal with a public health crisis, an economic crisis and, thanks to Donald Trump, a “leadership crisis.”

Hayes began, describing the Trump White House’s response to the crisis as a “disaster.” This, he said, is “caused by a person running the federal government who is completely incapable of dispatching his duties.”

According to the anchor, the Trump administration has ignored warnings from countries that have already suffered through the initial outbreak, setting itself up for failure.

“We do not have the preparations for this moment, despite President Trump’s own government running simulations that warned exactly, precisely of the shortages we now face and despite the warnings from countries already ahead of us on the curve, already in over their heads, we are behind and the waters are rising.”

Hayes concluded that the commander-in-chief appears to be more concerned with media coverage of himself and his administration, than with the coronavirus crisis. Pointing to Trump’s recent interaction with NBC News reporter Peter Alexander — he attacked the journalist during a press conference, calling him “terrible” — Hayes concluded that the commander-in-chief is “yelling at reporters and failing at his job.”

Since the beginning of the outbreak, Trump has been holding daily press conferences to update the public about how the federal government is handling the crisis. He has also used the briefings to launch attacks at the media. During Friday’s conference, the president slammed the Washington Post, accusing the paper of releasing an “inaccurate” report — the publication reported that U.S. intelligence agencies warned Trump about the outbreak in January, but he downplayed the possibility.

According to some, Trump’s press conferences may also pose a threat to public health. In an interview broadcast on Saturday, Dr. Joseph Fair argued that the president is spreading misinformation about the coronavirus, confusing his “cult-like” supporters, who are not taking the crisis as seriously as they should be.

According to Fair, instead of trying to convince the public that everything is under control, the president should take a look at the situation on the ground and note that hospitals across the country are being overwhelmed. Fair told Trump that he should “listen to your troops on the ground if you’re in a war.”

Others, including prominent Democratic politicians, have also criticized Trump’s response to the crisis. Former Vice President Joe Biden said during a press call earlier this week that the commander-in-chief is “all over the map.”