Video Shows Woman Shout ‘Go Donald Trump!’ As She Hoards Entire Supply Of Toilet Paper From Dollar Tree Store

Naomi BakerGetty Images

A viral video circulating online on Saturday appears to show a woman declaring herself a big fan of Donald Trump as she hoards the entire supply of toilet paper and paper towels from a store reported to be a Dollar Tree in Florida. Toilet paper and other household paper products have become scarce during the coronavirus crisis, and supermarkets all over the country have failed to keep them in stock.

The video was filmed by another woman who is not seen in the images, but who asks the hoarder if she plans to resell the toilet paper at a profit. The woman replies only that she plans to sell the product on a street corner where the woman filming works as a “hooker,” according to an account by Raw Story.

As she loads the paper products onto the back of a pickup truck, the woman turns to the camera and yells, “Donald Trump! Go Donald Trump!”

“I knew it! I knew it!” replies the woman recording the video.

Hoarding of toilet paper has become a widespread problem as the coronavirus crisis has led several governors, including those in New York and California, to put statewide “stay at home” orders in place

On Wednesday, sheriff’s deputies in North Carolina pulled over a truck that was reported to be stolen. When they searched the vehicle, deputies found a cargo consisting of an estimated 18,000 pounds of toilet paper.

The shipment of toilet paper was legitimate, authorities said, but someone had stolen the truck — presumably with the intent of hoarding the toilet paper, or ultimately reselling it on the black market.

While manufacturers of the paper products have been attempting to step up production to keep up with the increased demand, executives in the industry remain baffled about why the coronavirus crisis has sparked a run on toilet paper by consumers.

“If you ask me why everyone is grabbing toilet paper, I can’t really explain it,” said Tom Sellars, CEO of Sellars Absorbent Materials. “It’s not like we are suddenly using more of it.”

Though consumers such as the Trump-supporting woman seen in the above viral video have sharply increased demand for toilet paper, according to a report by Forbes, the nationwide shortages should clear up over the next couple of weeks, as the increased amount of the product cranked out by factories finds its way to through the supply chain to retailer shelves.

“It’s a little bit of dislocated demand that should settle out over time,” International Paper CEO Mark Sutton said, as quoted by Forbes.