After A Little Girl Misses Out On Her Birthday Party Due To Being In Quarantine, The Internet Saved The Day

A mother named Dr. Sara Lodge turned to Twitter for help when her soon to be 5-year-old daughter Rosie's birthday party was canceled due to her family being in quarantine. Lodge's plea for help went viral, and social media users around the world stepped up to save the day and ensure the little girl still enjoyed a good day despite the circumstances, according to Tank's Good News.

Dr. Sara Lodge's partner was experiencing a fever, so in an effort to take extra careful precaution due to the current coronavirus pandemic, Rosie's birthday party had been canceled so that the entire family could remain in complete quarantine for the prescribed two full weeks. As a result, her grandparents would no longer be able to see her on her birthday and the festivities that had been originally planned would not occur.

Dr. Lodge's simple request for strangers across social media was that they send her photos of animals which would help to cheer up her daughter. Hundreds of Twitter users were happy to oblige, sending her photos of their own pets and wishing Rosie a happy birthday. The photos that rolled in featured everything from cats and dogs to platypuses, hedgehogs, squirrels and lizards. Some Twitter users even photoshopped speech bubbles above their pets' mouths to issue Rosie a personalized birthday greeting. Ultimately, the many messages helped little Rosie to have a joy-filled day despite the fact that it did not go as originally planned.

"Hey Rosie, sorry I missed your birthday yesterday. But I'm sending you lots wishes that you had a great day and enjoyed all your pictures of us dogs, LOVE BUDDY," one person tweeted, including a photograph of their Pitbull.

Dr. Lodge was astounded and grateful for how much love she and her daughter received during these challenging times.

"Thank you SO much to everyone who sent pictures and good wishes for my little girl's birthday! We're overwhelmed by your kindness. The animals have given us hours of fun and made us feel much less alone. I'm sorry I can't thank/'like' you all individually. Twitter, you amaze me!" she wrote in a tweet.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the coronavirus has forced many families to adjust to a new kind of life. Many people have stepped up to help make the transition a little easier for those with young children, such as Frozen actor Josh Gad, who is livestreaming a reading of a bedtime story every night.