Michie Peachie Rocks Black Sports Bra And Leggings For ‘Quarantine Fat Burn’ Workout Routine

Michie Peachie snaps a selfie
Michie Peachie / Instagram

American fitness model Michie Peachie took to Instagram on Saturday night to show her followers that they can still burn fat even if they are isolating themselves because of the coronavirus.

In the video, the brunette bombshell rocked an eye-catching sports bra featuring cutouts that accentuated her decolletage. Her matching leggings had cutouts on the waistband as well, drawing viewers’ attention toward the model’s trim waist.

Michie started the workout with a series of elevated oblique split squats. For this exercise, she assumed an extremely wide-legged stance, stretching one leg until it rested on the first step of a huge set of outdoor stairs. She then leaned her body over to one side. While doing so, she twisted her torso in the direction of the elevated foot.

Next, she sprinted up the stairs. In her caption, she advised fans to go as fast as they could, then immediately switch to the next exercise which was box jumps. Michie started off in a squat position for this move, before she leaped into the air and landed on a step. She jumped back into her original position to complete the rep.

In the fourth and last video in the series, Michie tackled a set of Bulgarian split squats. For this exercise, she rested one foot on the step behind her and then bent her front knee until the thigh of that leg was parallel to the ground.

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QUARANTINE FAT BURN➕LEGS???????? BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT in @bombshellsportswear ???????? – Wearing the MP (michie peachie) Collection from Bombshell !????????❤️ – Got stairs around you ? Lets burn fat and work those legs and booty ????????✅ – 4 Set Circuit Routine: this means I need you to do exercises 1-4 with 30 seconds in between sets and when you finish all 4 exercises, you’ve completed 1 set of your circuit. 1️⃣elevated oblique split squat: begin with a wide stance, elevate one foot, start with torso facing forward and then bring your torso to face your foot as you squat down with your elevated leg. Push off your foot as you raise up. Reps until failure, each leg. Then move on to next exercise. 2️⃣stair sprints: run up the stairs as fast as you possibly can then move on to next exercise immediately. 3️⃣box jumps: jump off the heels of your feet, to land on the step. Immediately jump off and back to start position. Go as fast as you can for as long as you can and then move on to next exercise. 4️⃣Bulgarian split squat: take one foot and elevate it behind you. Make sure to have both feet shoulder width apart and hips facing forward and straight. Squat down on to one leg, while pushing off your heel as you come up. Reps until failure for each leg. You’ve now finished one set of your circuit routine and can start over with exercise 1️⃣ – #bodyweightworkout #bodyweightexercises #bodyweighttraining #bodyweightworkouts #weightlosshelp #weightlossmotivation #quarantinelife

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Her latest workout post currently has close to 10,000 likes, and more than 100 Instagram users have commented on it thus far. In those comments, fans seemed very impressed with Michie’s demonstration.

“This a great routine wow you are so inspiring and always killing it gorgeous,” one person wrote before adding a heart eye and flexed bicep emoji to their comment. “You look so strong as always. Stay safe.”

A second commenter vouched for the difficulty of the workouts that Michie shares via her Instagram page.

“Your workouts always make my limbs can’t move the next morning but I love them,” they wrote.

A third supporter thanked her for showcasing a workout that isn’t location-dependent.

“You are a machine!” they wrote. “Thank you for posting workouts that we can do anywhere!”

But like the comments sections of many of her posts, some fans took the opportunity to compliment Michie’s sculpted and tan physique.

“Your body is on [fire emoji],” they wrote before going on to rave over Michie’s workout attire. “I love your outfit, beautiful exercise clothes!”