Online Study Shows Texas, California Residents Are Drinking The Most Alcohol During Coronavirus Outbreak

A line of liquor bottles.
Scott Olson / Getty Images

Texas and California residents are spending their time in coronavirus-inspired isolation getting their drink on, a new analysis showed.

As KXAN reported, a new study looking at geotagged Twitter data showed that residents of the nation’s most populous states have been doing the most drinking over the course of the last 30 days, a time when Americans have been forced to stay in their homes to avoid spreading the virus. The analysis was conducted by the website Seriously Smoked and looked at more than 200,000 tweets to analyze content, focusing on keywords, phrases, and hashtags.

The study found that Texas had the highest volume of tweets making reference to alcohol consumption, followed by California. The top five was rounded out by New Mexico, Hawaii, and Arizona, and Nevada, Louisiana, Mississippi, Idaho, and Georgia made up the rest of the top 10 states.

As a number of states have taken stringent measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus — including both California and New York, which this week led the nation in ordering the closure of all non-essential businesses and asking residents to stay in place in their homes as much as possible — some have carved out an opportunity to have a drink or two. As The Inquisitr reported, the state of New York designated liquor stores as “essential businesses” so they could remain open during the lockdown period for other businesses.

That wasn’t the case in neighboring Pennsylvania, which ordered that liquor stores must close along with all other non-essential businesses.

“In these uncertain and unprecedented times, the public health crisis and mitigation effort must take priority over the sale of wine and spirits,” Pennsylvania’s Liquor Control Board Director Tim Holden said in a statement, via PennLive.

Many states have closed down bars as well, with orders that there can be no public gatherings of people. Many restaurants have turned to offering take-out only, though not all states allow for alcohol to be sold in this manner.

This is not the first time that Texas topped a list of heaviest drinking states. As KXAN noted, the Lone Star state has been known for its love of alcohol, whether in a national crisis or not.

“Texas has been at the top of a consumption-based list the website produced before, too. When the website compiled a list for National Margarita Day last month, Texas was the state with the most, shall we say, participation,” the report noted.