Yuliett Torres Squeezes Booty Into Tight Leggings In New Video

Yuliett Torres takes a selfie.
Yuliett Torres / Instagram

Yuliett Torres shared a sexy new video with her Instagram fans today, as she gave her 5.3 million followers a glimpse at her morning routine. In the beginning of the clip, the stunner rocked a lacy purple thong and squeezed her curvy booty into a pair of tight leggings.

The hottie stood next to her bed with her back toward the camera and flaunted her derrière. Yuliett tugged at the sides and back of the leggings as she shook her hips and struggled to pull them up. She set this part of the clip to dramatic music as it took a little work for her to get the leggings on properly. She was finally able to pull them on, after which the video was sped up.

Yuliett glanced back at the camera and showed off her booty before turning around to face the camera. She worked on adjusting her pants and tying her drawstring before walking to the edge of the room to grab her deodorant spray and Chanel perfume.

The cutie walked back to the camera and doused herself with the products, taking a quick moment to show her followers the type of perfume she was using.

Yuliett then grabbed a long-sleeved purple shirt and put it on over her matching sports bra. She struck a couple of playful poses, including briefly placing her hands on her head before tugging her hair out from under the top. The model gave a quick thumbs up before ending the video.

The beauty shot the clip in a light room with a wooden dresser with a flat screen TV placed on top.

The update has been watched over 209,700 times so far and Yuliett’s admirers left her tons of love in the comments section. The model has received over 1,600 messages so far, and most of them were in Spanish although a few English-speakers stopped by with compliments as well.

“Hot princess,” gushed an admirer.

“Wow,” wrote a second social media user.

“Gorgeous lady,” raved a third supporter.

In addition, the bombshell shared another sexy video on March 13, that time rocking a bikini. Her top was white with a sheer navy overlay and her bottoms were a classic cut. Yuliett’s body was the main focus of the clip as her face was cropped out and her chest, booty, and thighs were on show. She stood facing the camera and extended her left leg out before turning her shoulder to the camera to flaunt her derrière.