Lisa Lanceford Knocks Out At-Home Shoulder Circuit In Pink Sports Bra And Leggings

Lisa Lanceford snaps a selfie
Lisa Lanceford / Instagram

British fitness trainer Lisa Lanceford added a unique twist to the new shoulder workout video that she posted to her Instagram page on Saturday. Dressed in a pink camo-print sports bra and leggings, the brunette powerhouse included two large plastic milk bottles as substitutes for dumbbells.

Lisa started the circuit with a series of lateral raises, an exercise that required her to raise the milk jugs out to the sides.

She followed those with a set of alternating presses which meant that she had to raise the bottles above her shoulders one after the other.

In the third clip, she performed a set of front raises, lifting the milk cartons in front of her until they were shoulder height.

These were followed by upright rows which required her to turn her elbows out to the side as she raised the milk bottles in front of her chest.

Then came an isometric hold during which she held the jugs out to the sides with straight arms. In her caption, Lisa instructed viewers to maintain the position for as long as they could.

In the last clip, she tackled a set of rear delt flys, an exercise that required her to lean forward and elevate her weights out to the sides with arms that were bent at the elbow.

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The post has been liked over 20,000 times, as of this writing, and more than 500 Instagram users have commented on it thus far. In those comments, some fans thanked her for showcasing her innovative at-home workout ideas.

“I’m loving these home workout videos a lot!!” one fan wrote. “You are an incredible motivation for all of us. Keep it going giiirl”

There were several Instagram users who took advantage of the chance to complain about the lack of milk in stores.

“I’m not sure which impresses more; the workout or the fact you’ve got two bottles of milk! Love it!” one wrote.

Others chimed in with additional suggestions for dumbbell substitutes.

“One-gallon water jugs are a great alternative as well,” a third commenter offered.

There was one Instagram user who objected to the fact that Lisa was using full milk bottles to do the workout.

“Love your home workout but I’m not sure if it is correct to use food to workout in those days,” they wrote. “Right now is an important resource. I love your contributions but consider it.”

In her reply Lisa said that she understood the concern, but insisted that she also plans to use the milk, clarifying that she didn’t just buy the milk containers so that she could work out with them.