Kate Beckinsale Demonstrates Her Impressive Flexibility In Tiny White Shorts And Two Sports Bras

Kate's relaxing yoga session was interrupted by her noisy pet pooch.

Kate Beckinsale attends Vanity Fair and Lancôme Toast Women in Hollywood
Phillip Faraone / Getty Images for Vanity Fair

Kate's relaxing yoga session was interrupted by her noisy pet pooch.

While Kate Beckinsale was getting her stretch on outside, one of her beloved pets ruined her zen vibe. On Saturday, the 46-year-old Serendipity star gave her Instagram followers an inside look at how she’s been trying to stay calm and serene during these trying times. It involves getting some fresh air and being very flexible.

In her video upload, Kate was shown doing yoga outdoors on her shady patio. She was rocking a pair of loose-fitting shorts constructed out of white fabric so thin that it was sheer. Underneath the tiny garment, she was wearing a pair of purple bikini bottoms or underwear.

Kate made sure that she had plenty of support up top by sporting two sports bras. One of them had a racerback, and the other had tank top-style straps. Her outfit showed off her tiny waist and long, lean legs.

At the beginning of her video, Kate was holding the Half Moon pose. She was balancing on her right leg and using the fingertips of her right hand to steady herself as she stretched her left leg up in the air behind her. Her left arm was extended straight up in the air.

After holding that position for a few seconds, Kate smoothly transitioned into the Warrior II pose, which is a lunge with the torso turned to the side and both arms stretched out so that they’re parallel with the legs.

She then placed her right hand on the ground beside the inside of her right foot, and she extended her left arm out over her head. This was the Extended Side Angle pose.

To transition into the Bound Side Angle pose, Kate brought her left arm down behind her back and her right arm underneath her left thigh. She clasped her hands together and held the position for a few seconds.

Kate then hopped her left leg forward. She kept her hands clasped around her right thigh as she stood up and extended her right leg up in the air. This was the difficult Bird of Paradise pose.

Near the end of her video, Kate’s dog, Ingrid, wouldn’t stop barking. However, she didn’t lose her balance.

While interacting with her fans in the comments section of her post, Kate revealed that she was following one of Mandy Ingber’s yoga videos. Over the span of an hour, Kate’s own yoga video racked up over 69,000 likes.

“By far the greatest Instagram page that I follow. Keep up the good work you always make me smile in these dark times,” read one response to her post.

“My zen just got a whole lot better,” another fan wrote.

“Appreciate the sense of humor and beauty you bring to each day like this. Also envying the fitness goals. If I tried that I’d end up on my face, LOL,” a third fan remarked.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kate also showed off her incredible flexibility in a video co-starring one of her fluffy Persian cats, Clive.