Cassie Randolph Speaks Out About Colton Underwood’s Positive Coronavirus Diagnosis, Addresses Criticism

Cassie Randolph has been trying to take care of Colton Underwood, who announced on Friday that he has the coronavirus.

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph pose together.
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Cassie Randolph has been trying to take care of Colton Underwood, who announced on Friday that he has the coronavirus.

Cassie Randolph is speaking out after her boyfriend, former Bachelor Colton Underwood, recently tested positive for the coronavirus. She explained what she and the rest of her family are doing to protect themselves, according to People. Randolph also addressed the backlash they have both received from critics who thought the couple should have done more to avoid contracting the illness.

Randolph has been taking care of Underwood since his diagnosis, as he has been recovering in her family’s home in Huntington Beach, California. While she has been entering the same room as him throughout the day to provide him with necessities like medicine, food, and water she’s not been hanging out with him out of fear of contracting the illness herself.

“We’re here with my family. We’ve been doing the social distancing and been quarantining ourselves for the past week now. Now we all can’t leave the house. We’re going to keep you updated on symptoms and how this thing is going. We’re all making sure to take very good care of ourselves and staying healthy. We’re trying to one, stay positive, two, take a lot of vitamins, and get a lot of sleep.”

As of now, they are unsure as to how Underwood caught the virus, as he had not been in contact with anyone they knew to be carrying it. Randolph and the rest of her family do not show symptoms despite their extended exposure to him.

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Randolph received some hate comments from internet users who slammed her and Underwood for going out on the beach for a walk prior to when he tested positive. In an Instagram story, she included a screenshot of one of the hateful messages she received from an individual blaming her for allowing the coronavirus to spread through Huntington Beach.

She responded by saying that she and Underwood had both been practicing social distancing since even before the state-wide orders called for it and that they were both doing their part to keep the community healthy and prevent the spread of germs. As for those walks on the beach, she insisted they took place when no one was around.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Underwood announced on Friday through an Instagram post that he had received the positive diagnosis. He urged young people to take the virus seriously by practicing social distancing. He emphasized that anyone, regardless of how young or healthy they are, can get the virus.