Sophie Van Oostenbrugge Powers Through Intense Lower Body Workout In Black Leggings And Pink Sports Bra

Dutch fitness influencer Sophie Van Oostenbrugge showed fans how they can tone their lower body at home in the latest video series on her Instagram page.

Dressed in a black pair of leggings and a pink sports bra, the blond bombshell started the workout with a series of inner leg lifts. For this exercise, she lay down on her side and crossed one leg over the other but kept the knee of the front leg raised. She then lifted the back leg and lowered it to complete one repetition. She recommended doing 12 of these on each side.

Next, she brought in a chair for a series of pistol squats. The exercise required her to stand in front of the chair with one of her legs bent at the knee. With her arms stretched in front of her chest, she then bent her active leg until she could sit on the chair. She quickly stood up after that and then repeated the move. Her caption also suggested 12 repetitions of this exercise for each leg.

She followed the pistol squats with a series of curtsy lunges which meant that she had to take large diagonal steps behind her. Then she did a series of jump twists which, as the name of the exercise suggests, required her to swivel her torso as she took short, brisk leaps off of the floor. Her arms also got a workout during the exercise too, as she punched them out to the side with each twist.

In the final video, she got back on the floor for a set of glute bridges. For this exercise, she lay down with her face up and one leg raised. She then thrust her pelvis upward and lowered it, pausing briefly at the top of the move.

In her caption, Sophie recommended doing four rounds of each exercise and told fans that they had “no excuses to not do it because each move could be done at home without any additional equipment.

The post amassed over 10,000 likes in more than an hour and more than 100 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, fans showered Sophie with praise.

“How are you so gorgeous even when working out?!” one fan gushed. “Love all your workouts!!”

Others thanked her for the fitness motivation.

“You are my inspiration every day, I really have to thank you,” another said before they added a red heart emoji to their comment.

And then there were those who thanked her for the at-home exercise demonstration.

“Yes, girl!! Love this workout,” a third Instagram user wrote.