Niece Waidhofer Flaunts Her Stupendous Cleavage While Lounging In Bed

Niece Waidhofer takes a selfie
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

Brunette model Niece Waidhofer offered her two cents on the current pandemic via her Instagram account earlier today. According to her, several people gave her grief about not making any formal statement on the coronavirus pandemic.

In a previous post, Niece joked that as an Instagram model, her advice wouldn’t be as good as a statement from the CDC. She followed up that comment in her latest Instagram share, saying she was shocked to learn that the “surgeon general was recruiting Kylie Jenner.” However, Niece also reiterated that she didn’t know much about the factual side of the coronavirus.

“Bro all I am trying to say is I do not know what the f*ck is going on and am not qualified to make a statement,” she wrote.

Instead of making an uninformed comment, Niece opted to stick with what she does best: entertaining her fans with her quick wit and killer figure.

For the sexy snap shared less than two hours ago, Niece wore skimpy gray athletic shorts and a scoop neck tee while lounging in her bed. As part of her “cleavapology,” for not being a source of information, she teasingly tugged at the collar of her shirt to reveal her stupendous breasts. Her lacy white bra peeked out from beneath her top.

Not only did the stunner flaunt her incredible cleavage, but she also showed off her slim thighs and shapely hips. Her T-shirt rode up just enough to flatter her narrow waist and give her admirers an eyeful of her glorious figure.

She held her iPhone above her and angled it down at her body, managing to capture everything from her head to her knees. Once the camera was in a perfect position, Niece made a flirtatious face into the lens and cocked an eyebrow from beneath her thick-rimmed glasses. Many of her admirers commented that she looked like a sexy librarian.

“Your posts make quarantining less crappy. Please continue to provide this vital public service,” complimented one user.

“Start taking photos next to the World Health Organisation website. Maybe then they’ll get satisfied with your advice,” joked another fan.

“I need more of that cleavapology!! Rest I’m doing fine by myself,” gushed a third admirer, adding a heart eyes emoji to their remark.

Niece is keeping busy during her self-isolation. Yesterday, she posted a pic of herself wearing a skimpy black bikini that left very little to the imagination.