Peter Weber Is Officially Moving Out Of His Childhood Home

After getting made fun of for the influence his mother, Barb, had on his love life, Peter Weber is finally moving out of his parents house.

Peter Weber looks on.
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After getting made fun of for the influence his mother, Barb, had on his love life, Peter Weber is finally moving out of his parents house.

Former Bachelor Peter Weber has revealed that he plans to finally move out of his parents luxurious home in California. Weber has faced a lot of questioning about his living situation, after an explosive finale episode in which his outspoken mother, Barb, seemed to have a lot of influence in regards to his love life, according to Glamour.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Weber has been playing it safe, remaining at home and spending lots of time with his family. He decided to use some of his extra time on Friday night to do a question and answer session for fans through Instagram, which was when the topic of home life came up.

“Any plans to not live at home?” one fan asked.

Weber responded to the question in a lighthearted manner, singing a rendition of John Denver’s “Leaving On a Jet Plane,” referencing his occupation as a pilot that played a central role throughout his season of The Bachelor.

Weber’s parents, Barb and Peter Sr., could be seen lounging in the background seeming undaunted by the question at hand.

“Don’t let the door hit you on the way out,” his father said with a laugh.

“We’re empty nesters!” his mother exclaimed, seeming surprisingly calm about not having her son under the same roof anymore.

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After a moment, Weber regained his serious tone, explaining that he plans to live in either Los Angeles of New York City in the coming year.

“But real talk yes, either NYC for about a year or LA,” he said.

According to an inside source, the Weber family is getting along well and enjoying each other’s company during this time of social distancing. They are making the most out of this extra quality time together.

“This time of quarantine is bringing the Weber family closer than ever before. They are using this time together to bond. During isolation, Peter and his family have been watching movies, playing board games, and cooking together,” the source explained.

Weber faced a lot of scrutiny at the conclusion of his season for seemingly allowing his parents, particularly his mother, to meddle in his relationships. Barb made it very clear she wanted her son to end up with Hannah Ann Sluss rather than Madison Prewett. She was visibly furious and disappointed about her son’s final decision.

Nevertheless, as The Inquisitr previously reported, Weber insists his relationship with his mother has not been strained.