March 21, 2020
Carrie Underwood Shares Rare Look At 1-Year-Old Son Jacob: 'Mommy's Little Helper?'

Carrie Underwood treated fans to a rare glimpse at her 1-year-old son Jacob on social media this week as she remains at home with her family amid the coronavirus outbreak. She shared the sweet peek of Jacob with her 9.5 million fans via her Instagram Stories account on Thursday (March 19).

As reported by Pop Culture, the latest rare glimpse at Carrie's life behind closed doors came in the form of a video that showed the 1-year-old as he attempted to help his mom around the house while they practice social distancing from the public.

Shortly after urging her fans not to just "sit around" and watch Netflix during their time at home, Carrie attempted to vacuum her house and get a few chores done. Only her youngest son didn't appear to be too keen on letting the "Drinking Alone" singer get through her domestic jobs all by herself.

In the clip, Jacob repeatedly grabbed on to the vacuum cleaner as Carrie tried to push it around the wooden floor.

Carrie shot the video from up high to show how she saw the toddler, so only the top of the youngster's head could be seen in the clip. However, it did show his adorable blond locks as he rocked a blue long-sleeved baseball shirt.

The star joked about her son trying to help her out as she spoke to fans.

"This is how we vacuum, I have a little helper who loves to vacuum," Carrie could be heard saying in the short video.

She then asked the little guy, "Can't mommy do some chores?" as he continued to hold on to the vacuum cleaner with his little hand while the mother/son duo pushed it around near a toy.

The star joked about not being able to get much done with her son around, as she captioned the clip by writing, "Mommy's little... helper?"

Carrie and her husband Mike Fisher only rarely share videos and photos of their children (they're also parents to 5-year-old Isaiah) on social media and usually stick to media that has their faces obscured for privacy reasons.

However, it was only last week that Jacob last popped up on his mom's page as the Underwood/Fisher family ride out the COVID-19 outbreak together in Tennessee, which Carrie jokingly called "coronageddon."

That time, the beauty shared an adorable photo of her youngest son with his hands pressed up against the glass oven door as he peeked inside while they baked a batch of healthy muffins to pass the time.