Savannah Prez Shows Off Her Chiseled Quads In Gray Shorts For Ab Workout On Instagram

Savannah Prez
Savannah Prez / Instagram

Savannah Prez shared an at-home, ab-focused routine in the most recent post on her Instagram page. The Belgian fitness model rocked a white sports bra and gray shorts that showed off her chiseled quads for the workout which started with a set of crab toe-touches.

For this exercise, the muscled bombshell sat on the floor with her hands behind her back and her legs in front of her. She then lifted her left arm while simultaneously raising her right leg toward it. Savannah then repeated the exercise on the other side. In her caption, she recommended doing four sets of 20 reps.

In the next video, Savannah moved on to doing banded flutter kicks, which meant that she had to alternate flicking her legs upward and downward with an exercise band wrapped around her shins. She also held a crunch while doing these kicks and placed a barbell plate above her chest.

In the third and final video in the series, Savannah performed a set of “V” crunches with a barbell plate. These were similar to regular crunches except that she also had to raise her legs as she lifted her torso.

In the caption, Savannah expressed that she was starting to become fed up with self-isolating because of the coronavirus pandemic. She added that she missed lifting heavy weights as well as her regular daily life. She later suggested that household items could be substituted for the barbell plate she used in her most recent post.

Savannah then quipped that buying groceries has become very “awkward” in Belgium because of the virus.

The post has been liked more than 15,000 times, as of this writing, and more than 170 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, fans had plenty of compliments for Savannah.

“I love how you have muscle and are curvy! Good job girl!” one person wrote.

Others also expressed their sadness about their gyms not being open because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“No gym is a big disappointment for me…from the other hand watching u is awesome,” a second supporter added.

“I am so done too. I was making gainz!! But ok there are more serious issues going on,” a third commenter remarked.

“Not to lose muscle mass during quarantine, pretty much required these tips, thank you,” a fourth wrote.

This is hardly Savannah’s first workout video on Instagram. In a previous post, she trained her hamstrings while wearing pink leggings and a white sports bra. Her circuit on that occasion included barbell deficit Romanian dead-lifts, kettlebell swings, leg curls, and more.