Kyle Richards Reveals Quarantine Has Her At ‘Heaviest’ Weight Since Pregnancy

The 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star says she's all dressed up and ready to go out -- to her kitchen.

Kyle Richards poses at an event

The 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star says she's all dressed up and ready to go out -- to her kitchen.

Kyle Richards says she has gained weight since self-quarantining with her family amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star posted a video to Instagram to reveal she is currently at her heaviest weight since her daughter, Portia, was born 12 years ago.

In the video, Kyle, 50, is glammed up with gorgeous hair and makeup as she jokes that she is getting dressed — to go to the kitchen. The Bravo star then updated fans on her current situation, which many can relate to.

“I would like to share that I am officially the heaviest I have ever been except for when I was pregnant or just gave birth,” Kyle told her followers. “Yeah. I just wanted to share that little bit of information.”

In comments to the video, fans told Kyle that she looks better now than ever, and they thanked her for using her platform to share such honest and relatable posts.

“I think you look more beautiful this weight than years ago on the show. Just FYI a lot of people do,” one follower wrote to Kyle.

“You are seriously the prettiest and the most relatable housewife out there. Thank you for sharing,” another person wrote.

“It’s ok!! All gyms are closed for COVID -19!! Summer body’s canceled this year!!” another fan joked.

Other users wrote that the only thing that counts is that everyone is healthy and that people should focus on getting through the pandemic.

“You are healthy and that’s what counts,” one supporter said before adding that after the health pandemic is over, maybe people won’t worry so much about their weight.

Kyle seemed to appreciate her fans’ comments. The RHOBH veteran replied back to several followers with comments and heart emoji.

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While the coronavirus quarantine has left many people going to their kitchens more often, Kyle has also shared videos of her family dancing together to pass the time as they stay safely at home. The reality star looks happy and healthy as she spends time in her house and backyard with her gorgeous family.

This is not the first time Kyle has opened up about her struggles with her weight. During a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode last year, the mom of four shared that she battled a secret eating disorder as a teen in the 1980s. The former child star revealed that she was told that she needed to lose weight if she wanted a cute wardrobe on a TV show she was doing, and it spawned an unhealthy cycle for her for many years.

Kyle later took to Twitter to admit that she regretted talking about her past eating struggles on camera. The Bravo star said she didn’t want any young people to get ideas and noted that she was just being honest when she spoke about her past.