Teenage Girl Prepares Sanitation Kits To Protect The Homeless From The Coronavirus Pandemic

Shaivi Shah is only 15-years-old and she's doing everything she can to keep the homeless of her community safe during hard times.

A person uses hand sanitizer.
Anna Shvets / Pexels

Shaivi Shah is only 15-years-old and she's doing everything she can to keep the homeless of her community safe during hard times.

Shaivi Shah of Los Angeles, California may only be 15-years-old but she is doing everything she can to help protect the homeless population in her community in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Shah has been hard at work at her own house preparing sanitation kits that will be passed out to homeless people to give them a better chance at remaining healthy in the wake of this global crisis, according to Tank’s Good News.

These kits include an assortment of necessities that will assist the vulnerable members of society at keeping their hands clean when it matters the most. Each kit is packaged in a simple brown paper bag and is labeled “COVID-19 Sanitation Kit” in black sharpie. Inside the bag is hand sanitizer, lotion, antibacterial soap, and a handmade reusable face mask. Each of these items is intended to help promote proper hygiene.

When asked about her inspiration behind the project, Shah explained that she only wanted to do her part to help others less fortunate during a time that is already stressful.

“They don’t have necessities right now that are crucial to remain clean and stay germ-free. It’s important for people to step in and just do whatever they can, even if it helps just one person,” she said.

Shah was accompanied by other honor society students from Tesoro High School in Los Angeles for this endeavor. Thus far they have already provided more than 250 kits and hope to put together many more in the coming days. She also set up a GoFundMe page to help support her philanthropic efforts with a goal set at $20,000. While it has been only a little over a week since she set up the page, the donations have continued to come in, currently amounting to $15,000.

In the description of the fundraiser, Shah goes into more detail regarding why she decided to start this initiative.

“Some of the people that are most vulnerable to this virus is the homeless community due to the lack of sanitation, money, and proper supplies. For this reason, I decided to use my experience in science fairs of creating low-cost and portable medical devices to create a positive impact in the lives of those affected.”

She went on to say that she intends to donate the kits to homeless shelters where they will be distributed to those in need.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, other good samaritans like Shah have been keeping the homeless in mind throughout this health crisis, including a man named Terence Lester who has been helping to provide portable handwashing stations for the homeless of Atlanta, Georgia.