Tom Brady Picked Tampa Bay Buccaneers In Part To Be Close To His Son, Report Says

Tom Brady and son Jack at a Super Bowl parade.
Maddie Meyer / Getty Images

Tom Brady may have had a very personal reason for picking the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in free agency this week.

The future Hall of Fame quarterback bolted the New England Patriots soon after hitting free agency, saying goodbye to the team he has played with for the past two decades to move down south. The Buccaneers won the bidding for Brady with a reported two-year, $50 million deal, but may have had some help in luring him to the NFC South.

As the New York Post’s Page Six reported, Brady opted for the Buccaneers in part so he could be closer to his 12-year-old son, Jack, who lives in New York City with his ex, actress Bridget Moynahan. As the report noted. he was picking between three teams but thought that the Buccaneers would give him the best chance to be closer to Jack. The report noted that one of the teams in the running was the Los Angeles Chargers, but Brady did not want to be on the opposite side of the country from his son.

“A lot of [the reason for his choice] had to do with proximity to New York,” a source told the outlet, “Jack lives in New York and [Brady] wants to be close to his son.”

Brady will be considerably farther from his son in Tampa than he was when the played for the Patriots, but Page Six added that the quarterback wanted to do his best to be in Jack’s life. He and Moynahan broke up in 2006, with the actress announcing shortly after their split that she was pregnant with Jack. Since their split, the quarterback has reportedly worked hard to be an active dad to his son.

But it’s not all about family for Brady, who reportedly wanted to go to a team that would give him the best chance of winning another Super Bowl before he retires. As The Inquisitr wrote, the Bucs were offering him the chance to have significant input on the team’s roster and game-planning — an unusually high level of control for a quarterback but one that he enjoyed with the Patriots.

Brady may already be putting that input to use. The Inquisitr reported that he is pushing for the team to sign All-Pro Antonio Brown, who briefly played for the Patriots last season before he was released. Brown is facing a possible suspension after allegations of sexual assault, so his status may be up in the air.