‘Iron Man 3’ Will Feature Exclusive Footage In China

Iron Man 3 will feature exclusive footage when it bows in Chinese theaters later this year.

Director and co-writer Shane Black’s highly-anticipated follow-up will sport new footage shot exclusively for moviegoers in China.

The folks at Marvel Studios and China’s DMG Entertainment are putting together scenes and sequences that won’t be found in the American version of Iron Man 3. Chinese actor Wang Xueqi will have additional scenes in the sequel, though his character will also appear in the US edition of the flick.

The Chinese version of Iron Man 3 will also contain exclusive footage featuring popular actress Fan Bingbing. Her scenes will only be available in the cut released in China. However, there’s always the possibility Marvel could incorporate those sequences into home video editions of the flick.

The press release for Marvel and DMG’s collaboration on the Iron Man sequel stated that the companies are looking forward to working together down the road. This means that future Marvel movies might feature content exclusive to China.

In addition shooting additional scenes for the flick, DMG Entertainment will also handle theatrical distribution of the film in this territory. Walt Disney will release the film into theaters across the US this May.

Robert Downey Jr. will reportedly head to China to attend the film’s premiere on April 6.

Iron Man China

This isn’t the first time a major Hollywood production has been altered prior to arriving in Chinese theaters. The Wachowskis science fiction movie Cloud Atlas had roughly 40 minutes of footage excised from the feature prior to its theatrical bow in January.

Reports indicate that several straight and gay sex scenes were removed from the feature at the urging of censorsr. A media consulting firm explained that Cloud Atlas was one of the few motion pictures that allowed alterations to be made for an international release.

What do you think about Iron Man 3 getting exclusive footage in China? Are you hoping this footage will make it onto future home video releases here in the States?