Fake Penis In Drug Test Leads To Man’s Arrest

A fake penis called the Whizzinator is marketed to help people cheat on drug tests — but one man found himself in bigger trouble after he used the prosthetic phallus in an attempt to dodge a positive result.

The fake penis ploy is just one used by those subject to drug testing in order to foil analysis of their urine. And Sydney Levin, 34, was one of those people, court ordered to undergo drug testing as part of his probation.

Enter the Whizzinator (NSFW link.) Marketed online much in the way bongs are sold, with disclaimers that the product is not intended to defraud or be used illegally and pitched as a “sex aid,” the drug test cheating device doesn’t come cheap. At $140, the fake penis is built to look realistic as well as dispense urine, a feature that outside of drug testing we really don’t want to ruminate to heavily upon.

Sold in “white, tan, Latino, brown, and black,” the Whizzinator fake penis looks life-like for sure, and pee refills are also for sale on the site, along with warming packs.

Levin allegedly employed the fake penis method during a March 20 drug test, and a local news source reports:

“According to court documents, an officer spotted Levin using a prosthetic penis, known as a [Whizzinator], to submit a fake urine sample during a mandatory drug test at the St. Charles Probation and Parole office in the 200 block of Compass Point Dr.”

Levin was charged in the fake penis drug test incident the following day, and bailed to the tune of $25,000. The count? Possessing a forging instrument.