Sorry China, Your Citizens Love Apple And Your Smear Campaigns Suck

China might be willing to sell items to US consumers but it hates American products that dominate its own market, specifically the Apple iPhone. The country’s top officials have been actively launching smear campaigns against Apple, Inc. and its line of popular smartphones and tablets.

In one campaign the slogan reads “smash Apple’s incomparable arrogance.”

The Chinese people however are not biting. In fact when asked what company’s they wanted to smash the people listed various Chinese firms and China’s own state run publication People’s Daily.

In the meantime a flurry of food safety scares have seemed to shift consumer confidence away from Chinese products in the country. While technology and food products have nothing in common confidence can be a fickle beast.

Now This News takes a stark approach to China’s attempts: “When your river’s full of dead pigs and your milk is tainted, it might be time to embrace competition.”

In the meantime China’s officials have not attacked Google and its even better selling Google Android phones in the same manner, perhaps because the open source platform is being implemented by many Chinese manufacturers.

The company GooPhone uses the Google Android OS as a means to rip off Apple designs while providing a competitive mobile OS to consumers.

If you haven’t been following China’s attacks against Apple you can learn more here:

Perhaps it is finally time for China to realize that it doesn’t have the same control over its consumers spending habits that it did before the free market was established.

Do you think a government can actively turn its own citizens against a product they love by playing to that company’s perceived arrogance?