Larry Edgeworth Dead, NBC News Employee Dies After Contracting Coronavirus

An NBC News employee passed away Thursday after he tested positive for the coronavirus. According to NBC, Larry Edgeworth was a 25-year veteran of the news network, where he worked as an audio technician. NBC News Chairman Andy Lack sent an email to the network's staff on Friday, announcing Edgeworth's passing.

"Many of you were fortunate enough to work with Larry over the years, so you know that he was the guy you wanted by your side no matter where you were."
Lack also added that the network is doing "everything [they] can" to support Edgeworth's family in the wake of his passing.

NBC News correspondent Tom Winter tweeted about Edgeworth's passing on Friday morning.

"NBC News is saddened to announce the death of our long-time colleague Larry Edgeworth after he got COVID-19."
Winter added that he had traveled with Edgeworth a lot over the years to cover some of America's "worst tragedies." He added that Edgeworth was talented and will be "deeply missed."

Andrea Mitchell, the network's chief foreign affairs correspondent, said that Edgeworth was the "heart and soul" of the NBC team at large. She added that she always felt reassured whenever Edgeworth was out in the field with her.

"He always had my back whether here in the U.S. or in the most dangerous situations around the world."
MSNBC news correspondent Garrett Haake also tweeted about Edgeworth's death, saying that he worked with the audio technician in 2012 when their team covered the Romney campaign. He said that Edgeworth helped him put together his resume and that he was so fun to work with.

AM Joy news anchor Joy Reid said she was "devastated" because he had been her close colleague while they covered the Trayvon Martin case. She said that he was "lovable," and "brilliant."

Savannah Guthrie also spoke about Edgeworth's death in a post on Instagram. she said that she loved working with Edgeworth, recalling the time they traveled together during a 2008 campaign. The Today Show co-anchor added that he was "warm," and "loving."
"All hours of the day and night, no matter how hungry or tired or stressed we were — he was always a joy."
She ended her post saying she would miss him terribly.

As an audio technician for the network, Edgeworth worked in the network's equipment room, though he often went out on the field or traveled around the world covering different stories. He is survived by his wife, Crystal, and their two sons.