Epic Rap Battles Of History Is Awesome, But How Do Elders React To It?

We here at The Inquisitr reported numerous times on the fantastic hip-hop match-ups in the series, Epic Rap Battles of History. This includes Michael Jordan versus Muhammad Ali, Joan of Ark versus Miley Cyrus, and one of the more recent ones is Goku versus Superman. It is easy to visualize the younger generations enjoying this. The same can be said about people in their midlife. But what about elders? How would they react to Epic Rap Battles of History? Luckily for us, that problem is about to be solved thanks to The Fine Bros.

Uploaded two days ago on July 3, 2014 on their official Youtube page, the video titled Elders React to Epic Rap Battles of History is already over 2.5 million views. Just like their other videos exposing a certain age group to something considered to be not the norm within their demographic, the elders were first shown three of the "rap battles." First was George Washington versus Willaim Wallace, their newest video. It would make sense to utilize that battle since Independence Day besides being the newest too. Second was Martin Luther King Jr. versus Ghandi, which was probably chosen in association to Independence Day. Finally, Darth Vader versus Adolf Hitler, which is the very first video ever done.

The latter part, being the questionnaire, gave the elders the chance to express their views of Epic Rap Battles of History. The answers were typical per personal opinion but the facts The Fine Bros. gave were interesting. First, Epic Rap Battles of History is the most popular show on YouTube and the internet! Also, YouTube is promoting Epic Rap Battles of History, and other popular shows on their website, on billboards and commercials. I am a testament to that since I saw one for Epic Rap Battles of History at the movie theater.

Personally, I loved this video just because it showed the reactions of the older generations to something that is known to be "the most popular" right now. I know we reported on them checking out Google Glass, but taking into account that Epic Rap Battles of History can at times be vulgar, insensitive, and twist urban myths and legends of historical figures for entertainment, it can come off as offensive. Still, it is nice to see elders open up about something that is meant to be taken as satirical comedy.

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