Trevor Noah Slams Partying Spring Breakers, Says Coronavirus Is The 'Harvey Weinstein Of Diseases'

Daily Show host Trevor Noah spoke out about the large number of spring breakers partying at the beach during the coronavirus pandemic, telling them to "get their sh*t together." The South African comedian addressed the issue on the most recent episode of the popular Comedy Central show. He filmed the segment while sitting on his couch at home.

In the YouTube video, Noah responded to a clip of several spring breakers talking about the coronavirus outbreak. The young adults featured said the outbreak was interfering with their plans, that they were not in much danger because the beaches are outdoors and there are not a lot of things to touch, and it would not stop them from partying if they get coronavirus.

"I'm sorry, what? You're not going to let coronavirus stop you from? Coronavirus is. You don't need to let it, OK?" Noah responded after playing the clip.

Noah then said that the coronavirus was the "Harvey Weinstein of diseases" since it never asks "for consent." He said that the spring breakers make it seem as though the virus asks for permission before "jumping into their body." Noah then mimicked a British accent in a dainty impression of the coronavirus, asking if it was all right if it "compromised their immune system."

He went on to say that though the virus is more dangerous for the elderly, it is still a dangerous virus for the young as well.

"It can still get [us] into intensive care."

Trevor Noah
Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez

He then made an analogy saying that he felt the New York Knicks were not a good basketball team, but that was in relation to other NBA teams. If non-NBA players were to try to play a game with the Knicks, they would lose and walk off the court sobbing and apologizing for making fun of the Knicks.

Noah then urged the spring breakers to get it together because coronavirus "ain't no joke."

Though the spring breakers said they intended to keep partying, the governor of Florida made it clear that the beach was not the place to do so. According to Fox News, Gov. Ron DeSantis said most of the restaurants and bars that people have flocked to in Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Clearwater Beach are temporarily closed. While speaking with the channel's popular morning show, Fox and Friends, DeSantis also said that sheriffs will ride along the beaches in ATVs to ensure that there are no large groups congregating.

"I think that's a good approach," DeSantis said.