Guthrie Flips Off Lauer? ‘Today’ Host Says It Was Not Her Middle Finger [Video]

Did you watch Today this morning? Did you see Savannah Guthrie flip off Matt Lauer?

During a segment on vacuum cleaners Lauer made a joke about Guthrie’s cleaning abilities. The Today co-host apparently didn’t find it funny and gave Lauer the bird.

At least, that’s what it looks like.

Today fans immediately took to Twitter and Facebook wondering if they really just saw Guthrie flip off Lauer on live TV. #Fingergate started trending and eagle-eyed viewers started examining the evidence more closely.

Judging by Guthrie’s face, it definitely appears like she is flipping Lauer the bird. But judging by her actual fingers, it appears that she may be using her index finger.

Guthrie wrote on Twitter: “Folks!! That was my INDEX finger! Photo evidence proving my innocence coming! #fingergate #TGIF. We have examined the tape… index finger indeed. #phew.”

But before we get to the photo evidence let’s take a look at the video.

As Guthrie clumsily fumbles around with a vacuum cleaner, Lauer quips that it must be the first time she’s ever used one. That happened at the end of the segment and it looks like Guthrie may have thought that the cameras were off. The co-host turns and raises a finger to Lauer.

But which one? Here’s the video.

Do you think Guthrie flipped off Lauer on live TV?

Here’s Guthrie’s face at the exact moment of the soon-to-be infamous incident. That is definitely a face that says “screw you Matt Lauer for making fun of my vacuuming skills.”

savannah guthrie flips off lauer

Here’s a photo of Guthrie’s hand. It’s really hard to tell what finger she’s holding up. Do you think it’s a middle or index finger?

guthrie flips off lauer

Is that a middle finger?

What do you think of Guthrie’s proof? Is that blurry hand raising an index finger or a middle finger? If it is an index finger than he have to answer a whole new round of questions: Why the index finger? Is this a new insult? Is Savannah Guthrie the first person in history to raise her index finger in anger?

There has been plenty of drama surrounding Today recently so it wouldn’t be too surprising if Guthrie wanted to flip off Lauer. If she didn’t do it today on live TV she’s probably doing it somewhere behind closed doors.