YouTuber Princezee Licks Subway Pole In Viral Twitter Video, One User Says Police Should Arrest Him

YouTuber Princezee caused quite the commotion online when a video of him licking a subway pole on Wednesday went viral after it was posted to WorldStarHipHop's Twitter account. Princezee -- aka Zeeshan Ali in real life -- was on the subway earlier this week when he stood on an unknown train and began licking a pole.

In the eight-second clip, one mask-wearing passenger was seen looking up just as the YouTuber licked the pole. The passenger looked visibly bothered by Princezee's actions and scooted further away from him in his seat.

WorldStarHipHop captioned the video with the hashtag "Princezee" and a caption pertaining to his behavior, along with the germ, flustered, and weary emoji. The popular online platform also tagged the social media star.

At present, the clip has over 300,000 views, over 2,000 likes, and over 500 retweets. Hundreds of people have commented on the post. One Twitter user wrote "what's wrong with people," while another questioned if the YouTuber felt risking his health was worth the notoriety if the footage went viral.

"[You] seriously gotta ask yourself if your health was worth the attention smh?"
Another Twitter user remarked that it was "natural selection," while another said that if restaurant and bar owners are being arrested for "endangering the public," that Princezee should also be arrested.

Other users replied with popular GIFs in response to the footage. One user tweeted the Cardi B "what was the reason" GIF, while another posted the "oh no, baby, what is you doing?" GIF.

Additionally, someone else directed their comment to WorldStarHipHop, questioning them for promoting the video on their page in the first place.

Princezee retweeted the video but has thus far not commented on it or on the numerous reactions to the video.

Princezee's video isn't the only one of its kind to have gone viral this week. On Monday, an Instagram influencer named Ava Louise caught the ire of the internet after she posted a TikTok clip of herself licking an airplane toilet. She captioned the six-minute upload with a plea to her fans to share the video so that people would know how to "properly be sanitary" while flying.

After many individuals commented on the video questioning the sanitary nature of the act, Louise said that it was no different from performing analingus. When it was posited that she could potentially catch the coronavirus, she said that "just like the gays," women who are rich and blond are "immune" from the respiratory illness.