Hannah Brown & Tyler Cameron's Quarantine Time Together Gets Sassy With 'Flip The Switch' Video

The Bachelorette stars Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron don't seem to be having any trouble keeping themselves entertained as they hang out with a small group of friends and maintain their social distancing in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Hannah has been staying with Tyler in Florida this week, and they've joined in with a handful of his closest pals to create "The Quarantine Crew." The group's latest Tik Tok video definitely has The Bachelorette fans laughing.

Since rejoining Tyler in Florida last weekend, the crew started a Tik Tok account for videos of their shenanigans, and now, some of them decided to embrace the "Flip the Switch" trend. This comes one week after Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez generated quite a stir when they tackled the viral challenge. Since then, plenty of celebrities have done the same and joined in on the fun.

"BREAKING: Tyler finally got into Hannah's pants," read the caption for the Quarantine Crew Tik Tok clip, obviously poking a bit of fun at how crazy The Bachelorette fans have been about this duo.

In the clip, Hannah held an iPhone to record the video as she and two gal pals stood in front of a mirror. All three were wearing crop tops and workout pants as they danced to a snippet of the Drake song "Nonstop."

Hannah was smiling widely, seemingly having a tough time keeping herself from completely cracking up while filming. Seconds later, it was pretty clear what had her on the verge of giggles. Tyler, his bestie Matt James, and another member of the Quarantine Crew put on the outfits the ladies wore first as they finished up the Flip the Switch challenge.

Tyler filmed the guys' brief portion of the clip, wearing Hannah's yoga pants and crop top as he danced with his friends.

Within the first couple of hours after the friends had initially shared their latest compilation, the clip already had more than 36,000 likes and 700 comments.

"Can we talk about how happy hannah looks YES YES YES," wrote one fan of Hannah and Tyler's.

"I'm suddenly ok with quarantine if this is the content we get," quipped another fan.

"Hannah has looked the happiest I've seen her in a long time this past week," detailed another The Bachelorette supporter.

It looks like The Bachelorette fans got a big kick out of the caption the group used, along with the video itself. So far, Hannah and Tyler have not given fans anything more than plenty of fun and friendly peeks into their days together, but "Tannah" supporters are hoping that there's more than just friendship happening between these two.