Jeffrey Ghazarian Dead, California Resident, 34, Dies From Coronavirus 2 Weeks After Visiting Disney World

Jeffrey Ghazarian, a 34-year-old from California, died after being diagnosed with coronavirus. On Thursday morning, Ghazarian, who was from Glendora, passed away at a hospital in Pasadena. His family said that he spent five days on a ventilator before he succumbed to the COVID-19 illness.

"He suffered a lot and put up a good fight. We will miss our Jeff every day, but we are thankful for all the fun, happy memories of the times we had together," said Jeff's sister.

On March 2, Ghazarian flew out of Los Angeles to Orlando for work. During the trip, he spent some time at Walt Disney World and Universal theme parks, according to TMZ. However, within just a few days, Ghazarian started to feel unwell. Things progressed downhill fairly rapidly.

On March 7, he came down with a cough, and the next day he coughed up blood. He flew back to California on March 9 and went straight to the emergency room. He had a high fever and an x-ray confirmed that he had pneumonia. He received a COVID-19 test, and then was discharged from the hospital with a prescription for antibiotics. He was told to self-quarantine while awaiting his test results.

On March 13, Ghazarian received news that his test for COVID-19 was positive. He received a portable oxygen meter but, that evening, his condition worsened. An ambulance rushed him to the hospital the very next day and doctors found that he pneumonia blocked 60-70 percent of his lungs. He was admitted to the ICU.

Ghazarian's family provided a lot of updates about his condition via his Facebook page as he fought for his life. In several updates, Ghazarian's family said that Jeff's condition had stabilized. On March 17, a post declared that Jeff had been approved for an antiviral medication called Remdesivir, which the page says that the FDA approved on Saturday. The family hoped that the drug would arrive at the hospital by a courier that day.

"JEFF JUST GOT THE ANTIVIRAL!! THANK YOU, JESUS!!" read a recent update.

Another update posted late on Wednesday revealed that Ghazarian received his second dose of Remdesivir. Doctors expected the antiviral to show signs that it was working within three to five days. Unfortunately, Ghazarian passed away before that happened.

Reports revealed that Ghazarian was considered a high-risk patient who had suffered asthma and frequent bronchitis growing up. In 2016, he survived testicular cancer. The CDC has warned that patients with pre-existing health conditions, particularly ones that affect the lungs, are at a higher risk of complications from coronavirus.