Ellen DeGeneres Catches Up With Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel While Practicing Social Distancing

Ellen DeGeneres is trying to make the most out of her decision to practice social distancing as the coronavirus pandemic affects everyone she knows, keeping her away from all of them except her wife, Portia de Rossi.

The Ellen Show went on a self-imposed hiatus starting this past Monday and remaining in force through the end of March. Doing so provided the program's host with a lot of free time. In fact, the affable comedian appeared to have too much free time on her hands.

In a recent Instagram update on Wednesday, Ellen placed a call to her friend, Justin Timberlake. While the short video seemed to be a setup, what prevailed was still very funny.

In the post, Ellen was lying on her overstuffed couch in what was likely her living room. Devoid of her stage makeup, the fresh-faced, 62-year-old television personality was dressed for comfort. She put one leg up on the back of her sofa as she looked into her cell phone. While doing so, she rocked a round-necked sweatshirt with blue and gray capital letters scattered on the front in no particular order. She also wore brown sweatpants, gray socks, and no shoes as she made the call to her famous buddy.

When the former *NSYNC group member answered his phone, she said hi and then asked JT what he was doing.

"Nothing," he said.

Then she asked what his wife, actress Jessica Biel, was doing.

"Nothing," she piped up after saying hi to Ellen.

The funny lady then told the couple she was in the same situation before saying goodbye. Before he did the same, Justin asked Ellen to call back "in an hour."

She agreed, ended the call, and then continued to look as bored as she had been before connecting with Justin and Jessica on the phone. At the very end of the video, Ellen peered into the camera with an exceedingly forlorn look on her makeup-free face.

Ellen's Instagram update was embraced by a large number of her 85.5. million followers. Within about 18 hours of going live, the post earned more than 1.2 million likes and nearly 30,000 comments.

Some followers used emoji -- especially the symbols for crying-laughing faces and heart-eye cats -- to say how they were feeling about the talk show host's video. Meanwhile, others tagged their friends, suggesting that others watch Ellen's humorous social media clip.

Other people used their words in the comments section to respond to the post.

"HAHAHA!!!" said actress Diane Keaton, in a comment that singularly garnered 97 replies.

"Call me up fam!!" remarked another fan.

"Literally doing nothing and its still funny," stated a third Instagram user, who added a crying-laughing emoji.

"Dead lol, legit how I feel," admitted yet another follower, who tagged a friend at the end of the comment.