‘Creepy’ Yard Art Sparks Controversey In South Carolina

creepy baby dolls

“Creepy” yard decorations consisting of baby doll heads. Instead of decorating with ceramic gnomes and glass orbs, the South Carolina couple adorns their front yard with knifed and hung baby dolls. Larriatt McHale and her significant other Brad Kennedy consider themselves huge Halloween fans.

McHale and Kennedy’s yard art also includes a fire pit full of baby dolls. Brad reportedly came up with the idea of hanging a shackled baby doll in a tree in the front yard. Kennedy insists that the unusual garden décor is not meant to be negative. The South Carolina man said, “Just like a little creativity, like demons in your mind. Just trying to express yourself, basically.”

The couple finds many of the items they use to decorate their yard on the street. Larriatt recalls finding a dart once that was incorporated in the baby doll display. She also noted that she does not “hate people or anything” when discussing the eyebrow-raising yard décor with a local media outlet.

Larriatte McHale had this to say when questioned about her so-called creepy baby doll decorations:

“It’s a doll. It’s plastic. It can’t get hurt. I want other parents to look up and say ‘hey, this could happen to my kid. Maybe I need to watch ‘em better.’ We’re not doing it to be negative with people.”

McHale has four children of her own. She and Kennedy reportedly feel that their display is an example of art imitating life. Although multiple neighbors have called the knifed, hung, and shackled baby dolls an “abomination” there have not been any formal complaints filed.

The Spartanburg County Environment Enforcement office reports that the baby doll mutilation display does not violate any local codes.

What do you think about the South Carolina creepy baby doll yard decorations?

[Image Via: Shutterstock.com]