Houston Texans: Bill O’Brien Ripped By Former Player Jaelon Strong, Accused Of ‘Ruining My NFL Career’

Bill O'Brien watches his team
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The Houston Texans are not having a great start to the new NFL Year. On the same day that Michael Irvin claimed he was told Bill O’Brien said some offensive things to its star player, another player ripped into the team’s head coach as well. While Deandre Hopkins has since refuted the reports by Irvin, Jaelon Strong has not taken back what he posted on Twitter about the Texans head man.

The former Houston receiver quoted an article about the rumors surrounding Hopkins and then added his own commentary about what happened when he was playing under O’Brien.

“This is who Bill O Brien is. Y’all thought it was my fault I wasn’t seeing the field. The man simply didn’t like me because I was a product of my environment. Performance means nothing. He wasted my first three years ultimately ruining my NFL career. I never knew how to kiss a**.”

Coming out of Arizona State, Strong only saw the field for three seasons in the NFL. In 2015, he played in 10 games and started one, catching 14 passes for 161 yards. He managed to make the most of his receptions, finding the end zone three times.

In 2016, he played in just eight games and started two. He once again caught 14 passes, this time for 131 yards but was held out of the end zone as he didn’t score a single touchdown. The following year, Houston released Strong in the wake of a one-game suspension for failing the league’s drug policy, and he was eventually picked up by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Strong played in one game for the Jags, still showing a nose for the end zone despite limited field time. He caught three passes for 38 yards and a score.

Jaelen Strong catches a pass in Browns minicamp
  Erik Drost / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Unfortunately for Strong, he suffered a torn ACL in that single appearance for Jacksonville and was released after the season. He spent the entire 2018 season recovering from the tear but was ready for a comeback attempt with the Cleveland Browns in 2019.

Despite catching seven passes for 53 yards, Strong was released in August of last year. He took to social media soon after to claim he had been banged up during most of his time with Cleveland and blamed the Browns for how they treated his injury. According to Bleacher Report, Strong said his attempts to make the team caused his knee to constantly swell up and eventually he could barely walk on it.

While Jaelon Strong was a bit more clear about why he thought the Browns hurt his career, he didn’t go into any more detail about what he meant when he claimed the Houston Texans and Bill O’Brien hurt his career.