WWE News: Veteran Superstar Says Company Is ‘One Of The Most Forgiving Places’ In Wrestling

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Throughout the years, many former WWE superstars have openly criticized the company and its chairman, Vince McMahon, oftentimes reducing the chances of them ever returning to the promotion for another run. R-Truth was one of those disgruntled talents for a good part of the 2000s, but as he claimed in a recent interview, WWE can be very forgiving, even toward those who say a lot of negative things about their time working there.

As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, R-Truth appeared on the latest episode of Sam Roberts’ NotSam Wrestling podcast, where he recalled the period when he left WWE for TNA — the company now known as Impact Wrestling — and became very critical about the few years he spent working for McMahon. However, the veteran wrestler added that the time he spent away from the promotion allowed him to grow as a person, thus ensuring he returned on good terms more than a decade ago.

“This is one of the most forgiving places where. I probably thought I would never, ever have a chance to come back. But they [WWE], they know you make mistakes. They know you sometimes have to mature.”

Now 48 years old, R-Truth — real name Ron Killings — originally signed with WWE in 1999, making his main roster debut one year later under the ring name K-Kwik. That time, he was part of a tag team with future Hall of Famer “Road Dogg” Jesse James, though he was eventually released in 2002 after his brief run as a lower- and mid-card wrestler. He then spent more than five years with TNA as one of the company’s top stars, before returning to WWE under the R-Truth ring name in 2008.

Although he has seemingly returned to the lower card in recent months, R-Truth stood out as one of WWE’s top fan-favorites in 2019, taking advantage of the company’s new 24/7 Championship and winning the title a record 34 times. Most recently, he was feuding with Mojo Rawley and current titleholder Riddick Moss for the 24/7 belt, though he hasn’t been successful in regaining the title in these appearances on Monday Night Raw.

Given R-Truth’s comments about WWE being a forgiving place for wrestlers who have burned bridges with the company, there appears to be a possibility that another such performer might soon be returning despite his acrimonious departure a few years ago. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, former world champion Alberto Del Rio said in a recent interview that he hopes to “reach an agreement” with WWE and make his return by the middle of the year.